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Buzzy’s Lake House Food Truck

Hold the phone.

Nut allergy friends REJOICE! Your food truck woes are OVER.

Yesterday my little buddy and I (still on house arrest – kind of sick, but not really, check out my IG for more info on this) were hanging out on the square in downtown Madison when we decided to check out a local food truck, Buzzy’s Lake House via my Instagram feed.


Buzzy’s was parked on the corner of Wisconsin + Mifflin, which was uber convenient since we were at the toy store one block away. Capitol Kids is probably one of my favorite stores for kiddo swag in all of Madison. They have the most unique gifts, and hard to find items, too. But on this particular chill day, we were just playing with choo choos and enjoying the sunshine!

Buzzy’s is AMAZING. As a foodie, this is the BEST food truck food I have EVER had (and my super foodie husband agrees, so you know it’s good.)

The issue we have with many food trucks, and restaurants in general, is that they cannot guarantee that cross contact with nuts does not happen in their kitchens, so we cannot eat there. For example, we cannot eat at Melt, that yummy food truck that ONLY sells delish grilled cheese sandwiches because their bread is made in a bakery that handles nuts. Frown face.

Buzzy’s owner + culinary trained, professional chef, Cyndi, told us the food that she makes (excluding the sweets + cookies) are nut-free. Happy dance! And I trust her 100%.

So what kind of food is it? It’s your favorites, all of them.

  1. Main Dishes
    1. Bobber Chicken
    2. Sunset Chicken
    3. Dockside Chicken Chili
    4. Wavey Turkey Meatballs
    5. Firepit Curry – YOU JUST NEED TO EAT THIS
    6. Pontoon Pulled Pork Sandwich
  2. Sides
    1. Jasmine Brown Rice
    2. Smashed Cheddar Baked Potatoes
    3. Baked Beans
    4. Side Salads
    5. Homemade cookies + assorted beverages

I had the featured item, pictured on IG, and that’s what drew me in:

Chicken Chili Bowl over rice with cheddar, sour cream and scallions.

***sorry, no pic, I woofed it down too fast***

IT WAS AMAZING. And FLAVORFUL. And HUGE. If you’re ravenous hungry, come here. If you’re coming along with kids, one main dish could feed two littles. The key here is that Cyndi is a professional chef. Her flavor profiles are spot on with everything she makes (we started visiting this food truck last April after Theater Class on State during Farmers Market – her breakfast is also amaze.)Β  You’re going to get a great meal, no matter what you pick. It’s alllllll good.

So, if you’re downtown walking the farmers market, having a meeting, strolling state street, visiting the capitol, or looking for a really yummy, quick and delish lunch, check out Buzzy’s Lake House. You won’t regret it.

Buzzy’s Lake House


Cheers to the weekend friends! Thanks for stopping by! Lots to write – I hope I have some more time this weekend to still tell you about Dr. Pain’s Pain-free French Toast Recipe! Its so good.


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FABlogCon 2017


If you love Denver as much as I do, and you have food allergies, or know someone with food allergies, this conference is for you!! Just check out this three day agenda:

FABlogcon 2017

This year’s food allergy bloggers conference has quite the line up – and it’s located in beautiful Stapleton, CO, easy to get to from the airport via rail.

Don’t forget to put out your teal pumpkin this year!




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Vacation Preparation Tips

Did you know that using hand sanitizer does NOT remove allergens from your hands or any other surface? It basically moves the allergen around. The only way to remove an allergen is by washing it away with soap and water or by using a sanitizing wipe.

I’ve started to think about what we’re going to be doing on our vacation and the types of bags I’ll be carrying around with my kids. For day-time I’m going to be doing a lot of walking with them, so I usually pick a light-weight cross body bag so that my hands are free to hold theirs (awwwwwwwe).

If we’re going to be out all day without any stops, I may use a backpack or light weight tote/catch-all to carry some emergency snacks, books, and a change of clothes for them.

Today, we stocked up on safe snacks that are purse friendly. Here’s a classic stand-by for us that I’ll be using on vacation.


  1. Epi-Pen twin pack
  2. Chewable Benadryl
  3. Individually wrapped anti-bac hand WIPES (I carry a lot of these)
  4. Luna Bar LemonZest flavor is made on a dedicated nut-free line. It also has a lot of good vitamins in it, so I don’d mind if we sub this for a meal/snack.
  5. Mom essentials, lip gloss, cards, keys + phone. This purse has a separate built-in space for credit cards, etc. It’s one of the reasons I chose this bag, it fits all of my Mom Essentials + Allergy Meds and a snack.




Our trip starts off with a short car ride, no snacks needed. Then we take a train, which will be super fun for my little guy. For the train, we’ll eat some pre-packed snacks before checking into our hotel. Our hotel is aware of our allergies and is quite accommodating. Since we’ll be in a bigger city, our food options should be OK with allergies, although I never take any chances, and will have a full array of stand-by snacks and alternate restaurants to choose from.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something!

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Disney Reflection

It’s easy to just assume this was the worst vacation ever and that we will never spend this much money at Disney again. Yes, the latter is true. But, there were some huge moments during this vacation that I will never forget.

  1. We were all a team and never wavered, never fought, never cried. We were adults about every shitty situation that came our way and we dealt with it. How you deal with things sets the standard for children and how they will someday deal with life events on their own. It’s life. Stuff happens.
  2. My kids showed exceptional kindness and caring toward each other while they were BOTH sick.
  3. Magic Kingdom day was AMAZING, and worth every penny.
  4. I will not take my kids back to Epcot or Hollywood Studios until they are teenagers. It’s just not worth it. They enjoy MK so much more.
  5. Everything can be better with coffee or Kim Crawford (white wine).
  6. When in doubt, Kim.
  7. Disney food is pretty darn good and the magic band makes life so stinking easy while on vacation.
  8. “Mom, you hold my hair, I’ll hold yours.” Chloe and I with upset stomachs.
  9. Date night at Epcot was extremely romantical and worth the price of admission.
  10. Girls brunch at Cape May Cafe was wonderful, especially meeting ALL the favorite characters while eating Mickey Mouse waffles!!!!

I’ve eaten so much food this trip that I look like I’m 4 months pregnant. I’m not. Don’t worry. But how can you NOT eat Mickey Waffles and fresh Sushi everyday?! There is something special about them. When in Rome. Back to healthy eating when we get home!

This trip would have been a LOT different if the kids would have been healthy. And for the record, the kids usually do not get THIS sick. We’re talking fevers and lots of vomiting, followed by upper respiratory symptoms. It was the whole ball of wax, totally unexpected. They usually get colds, that at most last a few days, then they are totally fine again, sometimes even the next day. This virus knocked them down. They didn’t leave their beds for days.

We ended up cramming in our Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom days into 3 days in a row, which pooped all of us out, it was too much. Ideally, the way we planned it anyway, was one park every other day, with relaxation on the other days.

There is so much more to see and do than Disney. I think we’re done with Disney for quite a while. If I add up all that we have spent at Disney and the resorts over the past 6 years, we definitely qualify for Disney vacation Club Platinum status. Which makes me sick. Flying to Orlando is easy, and there is a lot to do. Lego Land, Crayola World, Sea Aquariums, Fan Boat Rides through the everglades, the beach. And I wont stay on-site at Disney again. For the price, it’s just too much. We’re staying at Homewood Suites, very close to Disney, for a fraction of the price of a villa at WDW. It was fun, but there are lots of places to have fun at. It’s the people that we’re with that make the trip fun and worth it, not a fancy hotel.

Next trip will be to Mexico. A beach. Dranks. More beach. Sleep. And Β kids club. Oh, and health! If you don’t have your health, you have nothing.

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Disney Vacation Day 5

When your day starts off with a pina colada, it’s going to be good. It’s has to be. We decided to cancel our reservation today at 1900 Fair at the Grand Floridian due to little man’s virus. He’s improving, but still up a lot at night complaining of “runny nose mamma, runny nose” so he’s not getting the best sleep – and neither are we.

Since Carter looked OK this morning, we went for a walk down the New Balance Running trails over to the sandy (but very fenced in) beach area. The kids took their shoes off and played around in the soft white sand, which was warm.

We then hung out by the pool and had drinks (with coats and scarves on) – the entire place was a ghost town and the bar tender asked us how come we were outside. When I tell them we’re from Wisconsin, there are usually no more questions.

Lunch today was from Wave, a restaurant on the first floor. Seafood is their specialty, although they have a good kids menu as well. The Chef came to our table, she was amazing and talked to Chloe like an adult. Once she settled on her items, we ordered and ate. Which was mildly challenging considering the alcoholic beverage I just gulped.

We decided to give little man some rest, then go to Hollywood Studios.

We took a bus and got there around 3:00pm. Carter was very crabby, cried a lot, and gave me plenty of new gray hairs. After about an hour, I was ready to go home. My patience and disappointment on this trip are mounting. We have spent so much time planning this trip, gearing up for it, making exciting dining reservations, fast pass+ selections, etc., only to have ALL of it cancelled at the last minute. I know he’s sick – there’s nothing we can do about it, but he has NEVER ever been this sick before. The timing is just glorious. Frustrating. I really felt like crying today. Here I thought my biggest struggle and stressor was going to be food and allergy questions, and it’s keeping my other kids fever down instead, an issue I never even considered.

Vacationing as a family is always a gamble. There will always be something – keeping your cool is easier said than done. Although we have all maintained our cool this time . Today I spent a little extra time downstairs alone because of my mood. I have just felt bummed out for Carter especially. We don’t plan on coming to Disney again for a while. It’s really expensive and there is so much of the world we want to show the kids. I’m sad that he wont experience all the things we planned and hoped he would this time. I’m also bummed for Chloe since she was looking forward to doing more than what we have.

Then my Mom comes along, takes carter for ice cream and a walk while we are watching Disney Junior live , and all is good again. We did so much stuff tonight at Hollywood Studios, it was a ball. Kids really enjoyed themselves, and we did too. Wish we could have stayed longer, but 6 hours at the park was long enough for all of us, especially Carter who is still recovering.

Well, the nightly light parade is going on and I’m going to watch from our balcony. Tomorrow is going to be 71 and sunny. Fingers crossed that I can extend our vacation out by a day. I dont want to go home yet. I dont feel like we’ve actually had a chance to “chill” as a family since little man has been so, so, so sick.

Possibly a playground day tomorrow if the kids are tired from today.

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Disney Vacation Day 1

No vacation is complete unless someone is either puking, screaming or crapping their pants. This time, puke was how we started our day. We woke up at 5:30 with my little man saying his tummy hurt. We thought he was just hungry. A box of travel cereal later, he seemed fine. Pack up the condo and out the door – our Uber was right on time and drove us to the airport. That’s when up-chuck number 1 happened. In the car. Lovely. Change the wardrobe and bag up the stink. Then we checked into the flight and number 2 occurs. At this point, we decided to delay our flight by 5 hours to see what exactly was going on….

They let us reschedule our flight as many times as needed at NO ADDITIONAL COST and they kept tabs of my daughters nut allergies, too. We thought car sickness might just be the issue, so we had lunch, and seemed OK, back to the airport we go to try again. Everything seemed fine. About 1 hour into our flight, sick again. He handled it like a rockstar, and so did the flight attendants. Over the top thankful for SOUTHWEST airlines and their superior customer service. IT MADE OUR DAY! Plus, since we pre-board due to allergies and wipe downs before others board the plane, they let grandma pre-board too, to keep the family together. Lucky they did, we needed the extra hands today!

We were 6 hours late getting to Disney today, and Magical Express handled it like a boss. Our room was ready and everyone here has been over the top helpful, handing stickers to the kids and buttons to wish Happy Birthday to my little lady. Our safe-snack box arrived a few days ago, and kept us fueled while we unpacked. Our booze box on the other hand broke open and we lost a few bottles of survival.

Tonight we had ladies night since Carter still had a fever and was not looking good at dinner. We checked out 3 shops and a restaurant and topped out night off with NUT-FREE desserts, a RARE FIND. HOMEMADE chocolate chip cookies and ice cream! WOAH! The fireworks from our hotel were amaze! Our view is Magic Kingdom and are within arms reach of Space Mountain. It’s incredible.

Lastly, my daughter has been amazing with all the changes on this trip. From almost cancelling the entire thing, to delaying flights, to not eating at her character dining tonight among a slu of other things. She received a gift card from her Great Uncle David for her birthday. Since little man isn’t feeling well, big sister stepped up big time. She used her birthday gift card to buy him a get well present. Then she bought herself a multi-color pen and made him the most sincere card. This whole trip is for them, and she’s showing so much maturity and selflessness. What an incredible gesture of love for her sibling. I love it.
Tomorrow is another day. We have a fully stocked kitchen and are ready for a delish home-made breakfast. If my sick buddy is better, we will all walk over to the Magic Kingdom. Our fast passes are ready, I pray this is just a 24 hour bug!

Good night!

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Nut-free Vacation Planning

Pre-kids, my husband and I had grand expectations of worldly travels with kids in tow eating baby crΓͺpes in Paris and schnitzel in Stuttgart, and Bangers and Mash with a few pints in the UK. Then, reality set in.

Colicy baby, an entire vacation cancelled last minute due to whooping cough. Eventually a nut allergy diagnosis. Bad colds, never ending sick kids. Ear infections on top of ear infections and exhausted parents. We quickly learned that our dreams of extravagant travel were pretty far off in the distance. If we wanted to actually enjoy it, anyway.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade, or something.

We have adapted over the past 6 years and have found things that work for us that we consider”fun” travel.

  1. Low key trips “up north” Wisconsin
  2. Visit family 
  3. Kid friendly states; Tennessee + Colorado
  4. Museums and aquariums
  5. State parks
  6. And Disney, for when you’re missing the world and want to feel “fancy”

So that brings me to #6. This year marks our third time to Disney in 6 years. Partly, we love Disney. Mostly, we have severe food allergies, and Disney has it handled, like a boss. 

Today, we logged on to My Disney Experience and selected a few activities, and meal reservations. After choosing the time, restaurant and guests, we were prompted to add food allergy information. We can also view all food menus and allergy information way before we get into the park. Disney also has first aide stations clearly marked incase we come in contact with our allergy. Not to worry, we generally pack 3 twin packs and loads of benadryl.

Today’s post is me tooting Disney’s horn for being over the top excellent about handling our precious children and their various dietary needs. Thank you, Disney, for making this trip the most stress free trip we will take all year. From the Magical Express airport pick up, luggage handling, kid camps, spas and delicious dining, it’s all covered so we can enjoy 100% family time.