Ideas For Mother’s Day Brunch At Home


Reposting this awesome article. We are brunching at home tomorrow.

Check out these nut free chocolates dipped with melted Enjoy Life chocolates!


Campbells Soup at Hand

The options of Soup at Hand made by Campbells Soup Company are plentiful. When it’s a busy day and we still want a healthy meal at home, we reach for Soup at Hand since it’s only 1 minute in the microwave, sip and go! It fits perfectly in our cupholders in the car, too.

Saltine crackers are always nutfree, they are made by Nabisco. Organic Girl spinach is triple washed and ready to eat and blueberries were on sale 2/$4 at Metcalfes Market. My favorite salad dressing, Newmans Own Balsamic is also nutfree, but be sure to check your labels. They also make a pecan balsamic and I’ve almost purchased it several times since they look so similar!

Today is a crazy Friday as we gear up for Mother’s day out of town. Hope you share the weekend with the ones you love, too. Happy Mother’s day, to those with us and help us daily, and to those who have passed on before us. We remember all that you have done. Have a good weekend everyone!


Homemade Shamrock Shakes

It’s that time of year! Shamrock shakes! While the McDonalds shakes ARE safe for PN / TN allergies, most other restaurants are NOT due to cross contact risks. We prefer to make them at home anyway. They taste too good!

After lunch today, we tested out our recipe.


1 cup vanilla breyers gluten free home style vanilla (nut free ice cream)

1/2 cup Sassy Cow organic milk

2 drops of mint extract

6 drops green McCormick food coloring

Whip cream

Mini Enjoy Life Chocolate chips


  1. Using a blender / nutribullet, mix all ingredients except for the whip topping and Chocolate chips.
  2. Top with whipped cream and chocolate. To be fancy, you could grate Andes candes on a microplane over the top for more mint flavor.

Lego Batman NYE

Hey puter, I’m home! Lobster Thermidor, anyone?

Thermidor Batman

If you haven’t seen Lego Batman movie yet, get it now. It has great adult humor and totally safe and PG for your kids. My 6 and 4 year old absolutely love this movie, and the hubs and I do too, since it’s LOL funny.

The Lobster Thermidor scene is our favorite, just check it out.

We gave up going out on NYE a long time ago. Seven years ago actually. It gets to be too much. Too much money to go out on a crazy night with high expectations and always a MEH outcome.  There’s poor service, bad drinks, rude people, crazy people, unsafe drivers, no babysitters, cold AF, and just tired from the crazy holiday hustle!

We started doing an 8pm countdown with the kids a few years ago and it’s perfect. They go to bed, and we stay up, watch movies and have our own glass of bubbly and treats before heading off to bed. You know those kids will be up at the crack of dawn! No hangover worries here! So why not make it fun?


We asked the kids what theme they’d like to make this years party, and Lego Batman was loud and clear. We’re cool with it. Here’s what we’re planning:

Activies for NYE

  1. Pin the Batman Logo on his chest – fun game BEFORE food in the belly. Play like pin the tail on the donkey. Printable available on Etsy.20171230_180955.jpg
  2. Build a new lego batman character using printables from Lego website20171230_181006.jpg
  3. Build a lego city for lego batman to save – duplos or mini figs
  4. Try a lego topped batman brownie – Etsy printables20171230_180427.jpg
  5. Balloon drop with lego colors – Use a giant sheet, stuff balloons in, tie ends loosely with rubber band or hair tie, shake open at 8pm.
  6. Confetti cannons with Batman logos (wrap a toilet paper roll, stuff it with shredded paper, tie both ends, let kids tear open at 8pm.
  7. Run with star ribbon wands to ring in new year! – Paper source20171230_180531.jpg
  8. Watch Lego Batman Movie while wearing your Batman Mask – Amazon Prime20171230_180512.jpg
  9. Guess the Legos in the Jar, winner gets a prize!
  10. Recite your new years resolutions, lego theme. Ie: Batman will save the city as a team.


  1. Organic Girl mixed greens + balsamic vinegar and Parmesan peels
  2. Lobster Thermidor
  3. Roasted brussel sprouts, mushrooms and bacon
  4. Twice baked potatoes with piped filling, use Wilton Tip 8B
  5. Lego Batman brownies – just brownies with a cute printable toothpick topper!
  6. OR Batman Blondies, if you have time
  7. Veuve Clicquot for the big kids!

Happy New Year! I hope 2018 is happier and healthier than ALL of 2017. I realize that the changing of a new year does no guarantee this and it’s totally random, but we are hopeful! Cheers to all of you and thank you so much for stopping by!

P.S. Veuve is on sale at Costco for $45 right now. YES!!!!





School Snack – Smore Bags

We have a classroom party coming up Wednesday at our nut-free school. This smore bag is a great and easy snack to share with everyone. 

I don’t have real measurements, just use a giant bowl, combine and add to small school safe kiddo bags for snacking. 

Approx: for 30 small bags

  • 3 family size boxes chex plain cereal 18oz
  • 4 bags enjoy life mini chocolate chips
  • 4 bags mini marshmallows
  1. Mix together in a bowl
  2. Chocolate sinks, so fluff often
  3. Three handfulls, or about 1.5 cups of mix per bag.


Fablogcon Day 1

We arrived in Denver last night after a few hours of travel and I have to say, things have changed so much since my husband and I last traveled alone together, sans kiddos! This made me happy and sad. Sad because I can’t believe it has been so long since we last had some travel / adventure time together, but happy because technology has flooded our world making it more efficient and fun to get around. iPad bars, recharging stations, smarter aircraft, wifi everywhere. I love it.

We have had a chance to check out our hotel, which has just undergone a HUGE renovation and it’s really beautiful. The conference is located in the hotel we are staying in, making it super easy. We found the breakout rooms and the hubs and I have selected which sessions we will tag-team. We need to find out if he can earn CMEs since the lectures are given by an MD. Fingers crossed, two birds with one stone, and this trip becomes a tax write-off and not just one of my fun + pricey adventures. 

I’ll post some pics later of our registration and cocktail welcome party. The good stuff starts tomorrow. 

Grateful to be surrounded by such supportive and understanding people. The hotel staff has gone ABOVE and BEYOND to make sure all of our food concerns are addressed, even though we are here for our daughter. I would HIGHLY recommend this hotel for anyone traveling with any type of food allergy. This staff gets it. 

Cheers to FRIYAY. We have the opportunity to hang out with some great friends here in Denver until our conference begins later on. 


Menu Board Inspo

It’s Sunday night and I’m menu planning, grocery list making, homework assisting, and doing all the other Sunday night chores! Here’s what I’ve started thinking about for this week:


Monday: Chickpea curry with rice  – I made this in March, click the link to see the recipe

Tuesday: Kung Pao Chicken with rice – recipe in my food networks magazine

Wednesday: Greek Salads + Soup

Thursday: Whole grain veggie burrito bowls

Friday: Pita pizzas with veggies and red sauce + spiced apple cider


Groceries are being ordered online since this week is going to be crazy – I hope you have a great week!!