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Perfect Corn on the Cob

A few days ago, the kids really wanted some corn on the cob. It is not corn season, but who am I to say “no” to kids wanting to eat healthy food?! So corn it is!


Since I’m not a griller, I needed to find a quick, weeknight friendly recipe to whip up this corn on the cob.

Simple Genius had the perfect recipe. Typically we grill corn on the cob, but roasting it in the oven provided to be even tastier and juicier than usual.



  • Aluminum foil
  • rimmed baking sheet
  • 4 ears of corn, husks and silks removed
  • butter
  • sea salt


  1. Preheat your oven to 450*
  2.  Prepare corn by taking off the husks, rinse them and dry them off.
  3. Tear off a sheet of foil that will allow you to wrap the corn into a cute little house. Put 1 tbsp of butter and sprinkle of salt into the foil wrap and crimp shut.
  4. Repeat this for all of your corn cobs
  5. Put the onto the lined baking sheet and bake for 20-25 minutes.
  6. Enjoy!

This is our new favorite way to make corn! Just in time for the long holiday weekend. Enjoy your time with family and friends. If you’re out and about + need a sweet treat, don’t forget that Dairy Queen will try very hard to accommodate your nut allergies. Our local DQ takes proper precautions when Chloe orders her ice ceam cone “and I also have nut allergies” and we’re good to go each time. Cheers!


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The New Ikea – Oak Creek, WI

If you’re looking for an impressive Ikea experience, the new Ikea in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, is well worth your drive. Not only was this store extremely well organized (traffic + parking wise), the customer service and assistance in almost every aisle was very much appreciated. We didn’t know the layout of this new store, so having help available was key to making our shopping trip effective and timely (we live 2 hours away). Somehow, my list grew while I was shopping and I needed help getting a few heavy items off the shelves + into my car.  The employees at this specific store were over the top amazing when it came to helping me with exactly I was looking for. The store has a special place in my heart since it’s located in my hometown!

Willow Heights subdivision is where I grew up, it’s located off of Puetz and 13th street in Oak Creek. It is conveniently located just 15 minutes from downtown Milwaukee.  The new Ikea is now within biking distance from my childhood home. How cool is that?! Perfect for Ikea lovers!

My love for Ikea really began when I was in High School and preparing for college.  Having the coolest dorm was our goal, so my best friend and I shopped until we dropped at Ikea in Schaumburg, Illinois (the closest Ikea to us at the time).  Keep in mind, this is before high speed internet, smart phones, shopping apps, and the ability to view store inventory / order online quickly.  So shopping in person was basically the ONLY way to shop in 2001. This took a lot of TIME.  My best friend and I spent an entire day shopping and all of $50 each to get our dorm set up. We felt so cool. Such a good deal on cool things to make our dorm perfect.

This week, as I prepare for the annual Rhapsody in Bloom fundraiser at Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Ikea seemed to be the perfect place to shop for the silent auction baskets that I’m working on.  And it was. I took my little guy, Carter (4), with me to scope out the new Ikea Oak Creek store, to visit my old neighborhood and build out some gorgeous baskets for a good cause.

Check out my first silent auction item, Two for Tea. It features:

You can bid on this item online from Olbrich’s website + online bidding system, Gesture.





My needs from Ikea have changed over the last 20 years. From dorm room decor to fundraising swag and I’m happy that Ikea has always been my number one low-cost option since it’s classic and cool.

Stay tuned – this week I’m working on building out silent auction baskets and I’ll be posting some more photos here on nutfreemomblog.

For the nut-free component of my Ikea visit, PLEASE try the Swedish Meatballs! You can purchase them in the store at the restaurant or in the freezer section at the check-out. They are nut free and have a great allergy statement. The sauce is sold separately and is also nut free. I’ll make a separate post when I prepare them. Because you KNOW I bought some to bring home 🙂





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Food Allergy Awareness Week

May 13-19, 2018 is Food Allergy Awareness Week promoted by FARE, the Food Allergy Research & Education group that most medical personnel refer patients to.

FARE is a widely respected organization that helps people navigate the tricky topic of food allergies. From reading labels, to helping schools and other organizations, FARE is doing an amazing job shedding light on this issue.

And speaking of light, this year, they’ve teamed up with major building across America to turn them teal to


Image result for mitchell park domes turn tealraise awareness. Check out the Empire State Building above! How cool!

In my hometown, Milwaukee’s Mitchell Park Domes will be teal the 13th-16th to help raise awareness. I’m so proud! To find out if your area has a teal building, click here.


May 19 is a date I will never forget. Ugg. Read about it here.  On May 19, we will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary of epi-pen freeness. Chloe has already picked the snack. If you’re a classmate, you’re in for a real treat 🙂

We’ll be wearing our teal proud this week – thank you for stopping by and for supporting nutfreemomblog.

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Top 5 Summer Snacks

Can you believe it? Summer! YES! It’s right around the corner.

Well, if you live in Wisconsin, you really do not believe it yet – we literally had winter coats out last week when it dipped back down into the low 40s. Seriously. However, SUMMER MUST come eventually and school lets out in just under 3 weeks. The excitement is palpable.

I thought I’d share some of our favorite summer staples, along with links for the giant containers we use for sharing our snacks. Because I know one thing about summer + kids = WE EAT A LOT OF FOOD!


  1.  Balled Watermelon Sprinkled with Sea Salt: check out my piece on this tasty treat.  We use this Rubbermaid container for sharing. It holds approximately one whole watermelon, depending on the size, you might have some extra watermelon to put in an additional bowl, or snack on immediately.
  2. Edamame: Fancy for “soy beans with sea salt.” We eat Birds Eye Steamfresh edamame frequently as a side with dinner, but it’s also a great snack and can be served warm or cold.  Zip top bags work great for this one – super fast. Just make sure you can compost the pods, or have a place to put them when you’re done.pexels-photo-39803.jpeg
  3. Apples + Smoked Gouda + Rold Gold Pretzel Twists: We like to buy apples in bulk at Target – honeycrisp are tasty and Target’s apples are sweet and small, like my kids. Smoked Gouda can be found anywhere. This treat is easy to take on the go if you slice your apples ahead, squeeze one lemon on to prevent browning too quickly. We like this container for small cheese, pretzels + apple slices to go.
  4. Sunbutter Suncup Sundaes: We have a small stockpile of sunbutter suncups for snacking. Just sprinkle a little Enjoy Life chocolate chips on top and it’s a great snack for in the car or at a friends house. Snack size zip top bags work great – I also like biodegradable spoons for easy travel.sun-flower-blossom-bloom-pollen-541484.jpeg
  5. Summer Snack Plates: Just head to Target (ok, twist my arm, right!?) and find a divided, but melamine or heavy duty plastic (you want to be able to take this outside, too) and load it up with your favorites. Fruits, vegetables, whatever floats your boat. This snack tray usually lasts us a day or two and is nice and easy.  If you’re heading to a BBQ, just wrap it up. Some of these containers come with lids.

As always, these are also nut-free. Just make sure your pretzels are Rold Gold, or confirm the manufacturing facility of the brand you buy. Processed items almost ALWAYS have an allergy statement under the nutritional facts.

We’ll have our favorite summer baked items on here too, like oatmeal banana cookies and blueberry flax muffins. First, we must finalize our summer bucket list!

I hope you have a great start to your week. Our menu board fell off the map this week, we’re working on some major Mother’s Day left overs…..

Have a great day 🙂


Noodles & Co. Lunch

Today we were bumming around The Corners of Brookfield scoping out the new Von Maur when we decided to have lunch out.

Lately, Chloe has had a little more food anxiety than normal. I am not sure why, so we decided to just let her choose where to eat rather than trying to convince her that it’s safe to eat her food. Surely this is a phase and will pass soon. After giving her some options, she settled on Jamba Juice and Noodles & Co.

The entire kids menu at Noodles is 100% nutfree, however we still had thr server indicate “nut free” on our entire order to ensure no cross contact would occur.

Chloe chose the macaroni and cheese with broccoli and apple sauce. Carter had chicken and marinara with broccoli and apple sauce.

Our meals were served quickly and accurately & we had no allergy issues.

Jamba Juice is also amazing with food allergies, just let them know when you order. They make the allergy free drink in a triple washed blender before preparing. Thanks Jamba for the safe and healthy smoothie!



Campbells Soup at Hand

The options of Soup at Hand made by Campbells Soup Company are plentiful. When it’s a busy day and we still want a healthy meal at home, we reach for Soup at Hand since it’s only 1 minute in the microwave, sip and go! It fits perfectly in our cupholders in the car, too.

Saltine crackers are always nutfree, they are made by Nabisco. Organic Girl spinach is triple washed and ready to eat and blueberries were on sale 2/$4 at Metcalfes Market. My favorite salad dressing, Newmans Own Balsamic is also nutfree, but be sure to check your labels. They also make a pecan balsamic and I’ve almost purchased it several times since they look so similar!

Today is a crazy Friday as we gear up for Mother’s day out of town. Hope you share the weekend with the ones you love, too. Happy Mother’s day, to those with us and help us daily, and to those who have passed on before us. We remember all that you have done. Have a good weekend everyone!