Do you need an allergy friendly snack?

Let me help you out.

Whether it is a vacation destination, classroom birthday party, snacks for treat time, or even a stay at Grandma + Grandpa’s house, the Nut Free Mom Box has your back. Our box contains healthy, nut free snacks and meal mapping guides that are designed to help you have successful nut-free meals + snacks.

We will work together to create a food allergy map to determine what meals work well on each day + how to mix and match your snacks with what you have available at your travel destination.

Or maybe you just want 100% of your childs classroom at school to celebrate a birthday together! Whatever your snack situation is, I can help organize it and deliver.

These boxes are 100% customizable depending on where you’re going + what you’re doing. Don’t let managing nut allergies stress you out. We are here to help. Let’s work together via email, instagram or phone call, and talk about what you need to create an inclusive snack sesh.

Contents of the Nut Free Mom Box is certified delicious by Chloe, nut allergy professional, age 8.