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Unicorn Frosting

If you saw our IG live yesterday, you may be wondering about that colorful unicorn hair we topped our cupcakes with. We watched a few tutorials on piping multi-colored swirls, and this is how we did it.

Prep: Set aside a large 18″ piping bag and 1M Wilton star tip from your piping kit. You’ll also need to have your cupcakes wrapped and ready near your piping station. One long piece of clear celophane, about 2 feet long, neatly placed on your counter top near your piping station. You’ll be placing all three colors of frosting on here before placing the entire thing into your piping bag.


Step 1. Make a double batch of our favorite butter cream frosting (just omit the coca).

Step 2. In 3 different bowls, divide up the plain frosting equally

Step 3. Choose 3 colors for your unicorn frosting. We chose teal, pink and purple according to the birthday girl!


Step 4. In your stand mixer, add one of the bowls of plain frosting and your first food color of choice. Mix until well blended.

Step 5. When the food coloring is totally incorporated, scoop the frosting out of the bowl and onto the celphane length wise, so it’s about 15 inches long and 1-2 inches wide.

Step 6. Repeat step 4 and 5 for the other two colors of frosting. Place each color next to the other on the celophane. They should touch, but not mix.


Step 7. Once you have all the colors mixed and placed on the celophane, roll into a log by lifting the celophane up and over the frosting so it looks like a tootsie roll log. You’ll loosely twist the ends and place the sleeve of frosting into the piping bag.

Step 8. If you have a lot of celophane near the tip, you’ll want to trim with a scisors before placing into your piping bag. I’d say no more than 2 inches on the end with the piping tip.


Step 9. Pipe your cupckes.

Step 10. Enjoy!


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Nutfree Unicorn Birthday

If you’re new to Nutfreemomblog, WELCOME! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope your weekend was full of love and laughter and that your Monday has started off with GOOD VIBES ONLY! Over the weekend, we had a lot of discussion about this year’s Birthday cake for Miss. Chloe!

Unicorns are all the rage right now – and obviously that is where our conversation led yesterday.  Of course we have unicorn cupcake wrappers and a cake ahead! Here are the cupcake wrappers we selected for our nutfree classroom treat. We ordered them from Amazon and the link is below if you have a uni lover in your life 🙂

Unicorn Wrappers

Keep in mind, wrapper means you do not bake in it. You’ll bake plain cupcakes and when they cool, you wrap them with these pretty little things! This idea calls for a LOT of frosting, so get that piping bag ready. We have 2 bags of powdered sugar on stand by since these little unicorns are going to need some serious unicorn hair to make those ears and horns stand up.

And for the big party with friends, we’ll be making our own round cake, as usual, and using this stencil for the unicorn face:

FREE unicorn SVG free SVG file compatible with silhouette cameo, cricut

We found the stencil on Pinterest. There are many on Etsy too!

We will print this on heavy card stock and cut out the individual pieces. Plain buttercream frostin will be the “glue” to hold the pieces on the cake. We have an edible unicorn horn that we picked up today from Vanilla Bean. It’s too cute, and I’ll share it on IG live this weekend when we assemble the cake.

Please check out our private IG for updates and frosting tips later this week!

Have a fantastic week & do great things!

With love and light,

nutfreemom & co.


Birthday Parties

Birthday Totes ‘n Treats

Happy Birthday, Christopher! Thank you ALL for coming to make this day special. We hope you had a wonderful day celebrating!

Lets talk about those treat bags! They are 100% nut free. Nut free candies are listed below with ingredient labels. Also, those cupcakes were made in a special nut free facility known as Nutphrees Bakery!

Nutphrees now distributes to Whole Foods Madison. We decorated these cupcakes with some non-food, fun little Spider Man toppings! The label and contact info is below. Their recipe is the same we use at home and they are made in a dedicated, nut free facility in Chicago.

Want to make your next gathering nut free? I would love to help you out:

Have a great week!







Birthday Parties

Mickey and the Roadster Racer Birthday

Carter turns 5 on Monday, and today we are having some family over to celebrate. Carter found these cute decorations on amazon prime and helped put everything together.




The decorations from amazon were $14.00 and very easy to assemble. Chloe did the pom poms and Carter did the rest. We’ll share some photos today of the party.

For the cake, I took a shortcut this year. we ordered from HyVee bakery. They have an amazing assortment of cakes and they taste AMAZING! For miss. Chloe, I’m going to stop at Whole Foods and get a package of Nutphrees cupcakes and her and I will definitely have our own little cakes.

Not going to sugar coat this.

This is the first time I’ve ordered a cake in about 6 years. It was hard. It was even harder on Chloe. She was so supportive of Carter. They were both paging through the cake book at the grocery store when the tears started to fall. I hugged her so tight and told her it was OK.

It was OK to cry.

It was OK to feel sad that she would not be able to eat this cake from the bakery.

It was OK to feel frustrated and to feel left out.

Together we’ll make it OK and her nutphrees cupcakes (WHOLE FOODS MADISON) will taste just the same. It will even be decorated the same! I was so proud of her. This wont be the last time she will feel like this, and it certainly isn’t the first. She continued to help Carter choose his cake. She continued to support his choices and be excited for his birthday. Because, after all, it’s just cake. And jumping around at PUMP IT UP will be so much more fun.

Enjoy your weekend.

Birthday Parties

American Girl Birthday

Have you ever had a week where no matter how hard you tried to make something happen, it just wasn’t going to happen. Like the universe is against you for some reason? That is this week and Friday cannot come soon enough.

Last week our kiddos were down for the count with what I’m guessing to be the flu or some virus resembling it. Well, I thought we were in the clear. I did my due diligence (and if you now how ocd my family can be about cleaning, you’re laughing right now) and cleaned every surface and hardwood floor with hot water + vinegar, bleached all the bathrooms, washed all the towels, washed all the sheets, etc., basically everything you do when your family is sick to prevent others from getting sick as well. Doing this all while eating an insane amount of zinc and drinking large volumes of green tea to prevent myself from getting the ick as well. Moms dont get sick, right?! Basically, hot mess.

Well, Little Miss Chloe went back to school today after what we thought was “24 hour tummy flu” however, this afternoon she went right back to where she was a few days ago, sick. She ended up on the couch with low-grade fever and upset stomach. Her teacher texted me at the end of the school day to let me know Chloe had faded and was ready to go home. Which I appreciate so much, I went right in a got her.

She had lots of tears since this was supposed to be her Big Chicago Weekend that we have been preparing since August. We selected the hotel, restaurants, nut-free desserts, museums, swimming suits, uber rides, birthday outfits, train tickets, special shoes. The whole thing. I’m sad for her. Actually, I’m more than sad for her. I’m angry for her that year after year her Birthday falls smack in the middle of flu season and she is sick with something.

We planned a small party for her class at school and are grateful for all the calls, texts, cards, balloons, gifts for her. It has made her feel special on her day.




Cupcake holders:

Cupcake toppers:

The cupcake batter is nothing fancy, we used a box mix, Betty Crocker. The frosting is a standard butter cream with about 7 drops of McCormick red food coloring to make it pink.

Have a good weekend 🙂