Birthday Parties

Mickey and the Roadster Racer Birthday

Carter turns 5 on Monday, and today we are having some family over to celebrate. Carter found these cute decorations on amazon prime and helped put everything together.




The decorations from amazon were $14.00 and very easy to assemble. Chloe did the pom poms and Carter did the rest. We’ll share some photos today of the party.

For the cake, I took a shortcut this year. we ordered from HyVee bakery. They have an amazing assortment of cakes and they taste AMAZING! For miss. Chloe, I’m going to stop at Whole Foods and get a package of Nutphrees cupcakes and her and I will definitely have our own little cakes.

Not going to sugar coat this.

This is the first time I’ve ordered a cake in about 6 years. It was hard. It was even harder on Chloe. She was so supportive of Carter. They were both paging through the cake book at the grocery store when the tears started to fall. I hugged her so tight and told her it was OK.

It was OK to cry.

It was OK to feel sad that she would not be able to eat this cake from the bakery.

It was OK to feel frustrated and to feel left out.

Together we’ll make it OK and her nutphrees cupcakes (WHOLE FOODS MADISON) will taste just the same. It will even be decorated the same! I was so proud of her. This wont be the last time she will feel like this, and it certainly isn’t the first. She continued to help Carter choose his cake. She continued to support his choices and be excited for his birthday. Because, after all, it’s just cake. And jumping around at PUMP IT UP will be so much more fun.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Those Costco Blueberries…

I’m sure this has happened to you. You get to the grocery store and the produce looks amazing, so you over buy?

Yep. {Raises Hand} Guilty.

Maybe it’s my crazy, creative left brain that just goes nuts with how beautifully displayed everything is {ahem, HyVee + Metcalfes Sentry for sure}. So perfect + colorful.

Generally, we do a good job eating up our produce. Its summer, so eating fresh is absolutely more enticing. This week we purchased jumbo boxes of blueberries, grapes and strawberries for the 4th of July festivities and recipes.

WELL…it was a little overboard.

Strawberries and grapes are gone; however, the blueberries! They were just chilling here in the fridge and the guilt set in {uh-oh, sad panda face}.

We can’t possibly eat all of these + it’s a waste if we don’t do something with them.


Today we baked with blueberries. First, an old favorite. Blueberry muffins that I have talked about before. Don’t forget Quaker Rolled Oats and Quick Oats are safe for PN/TN allergies.

Dig in there and make em.

Most of the ingredients are pantry items, with the exception of the blueberries and oats, maybe? Feel free to change out the flour to whole wheat flour by King Arthur, made in a nut free facility. Also, Add in an extra 1/4 to 1/2 more blueberries. It wont change the consistency that much!


Lastly, we did make a new recipe, Blueberry Bread. It was easy to whip up since the ingredients were THE SAME AS THE MUFFINS, sans the oats. I also added a topping before I popped it into the oven….just sprinkle some brown sugar evenly over the entire loaf before baking. It gives it a nice crunchy crust. A twist to this would be to add 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice and zest. Poppy seeds would be amazing too! Here is the recipe. Enjoy the pics.

It’s a gorgeous day, so we’re heading back OUTSIDE!  WOOT! WOOT! Pop over to my IG to see more pics of what we’re up to!  nutfreemomblog




Root Beer Floats

Summer! Summer is a time to enjoy desserts guilt free. We are so active in the warm months that one dessert a day, that the kids choose, is totally ok with me. It was hot and we had been to a few playgrounds, the kids decided the Gigis Root Beer Floats were going to be dessert .

I’ve had many questions this year about ice cream safety. I’ve done the research, the MOST safe ice cream is vanilla Breyers Natural Vanilla that is also Gluten Free. When I called Breyers earlier this year, two customer service reps confirmed the nut free status, free of cross contact as well.

Chloe also lost a tooth! So, we celebrated with floats. It was delish!

Have a great week :)🤗😘😎

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Nutphrees Cupcakes

We had an awesome 4th of July – and I really hope you did, too. We had a big discovery while on vacation; NUTPHREES CUPCAKES are now being distributed to the lovely state of Wisconsin.

This is a huge.

A real game changer.

Safe nut-free baked items will now be available for pick up at your local grocery store for birthdays + parties. I’m so thankful for this brand, Nutphrees, from the Chicagoland area. I’ve talked about them before on nutfreemomblog and this is my other favorite feature of this evolving company, delivery.

In Madison, WI, they are at Whole Foods. In the Milwaukee area, they are at a few more stores. Click the link above to type in your zip code to find their treats closest to you!


While we were in Milwaukee for the week, we got to check out the new Fresh Thyme market off Brady Street. It was amazing, which is where we found these Nutphrees cupcakes. They had a variety of flavors, and Chloe chose a 4-pack for $8.10. She had chocolate and vanilla. Look at that happy face. This is her FIRST EVER bakery treat from a store. She’s so excited! And proud brother Carter, he had to walk away with something too. He found a “5” candle for his birthday next week 🙂 Such happy little kiddos.

We found a few more nut free treats that we’ll be posting to Instagram 🙂

Have a great week! Tomorrow is MONDAY, back to the grind + summer kiddo schedule.


Dove Chocolate

Dove has several types of chocolate made in a dedicated nut free facility.
The following products will now be completely worry-free:

  • Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate Large Bar
  • Silky Smooth Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Silky Smooth Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Swirl Large Bar
  • PROMISES® Silky Smooth Dark Chocolate
    ® Silky Smooth Milk ChocolatePROMISES
    • ® Silky Smooth Dark Chocolate
      ® Silky Smooth Milk ChocolatePROMISES


    • ® Silky Smooth Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Swirl
      ® Silky Smooth Caramel Milk Chocolate
      Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate Singles Bar
      Silky Smooth Dark Chocolate Singles Bar.

    They released the following statement:
    We are pleased to announce that we now have a large number of our DOVE® Milk and Dark Chocolate products manufactured in a dedicated manufacturing facility that does not produce any products containing peanuts or tree nuts*.

    This means that the following products are now acceptable options for consumers with concerns around peanuts and tree nuts. While we started producing some of these products over a year ago, there still may be some of the previous products (with “May contain peanuts and tree nuts” on the label) on the store shelf. Therefore, as always, please remember to read the label first for the most up to date and accurate information.

    If you have any questions, then please call (800) 551-0704

    *Tree nuts include almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts (filberts), Macadamia, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts.