If you saw our IG live yesterday, you may be wondering about that colorful unicorn hair we topped our cupcakes with. We watched a few tutorials on piping multi-colored swirls, and this is how we did it.
Prep: Set aside a large 18″ piping bag and 1M Wilton star tip from your piping kit. You’ll also need to have your cupcakes wrapped and ready near your piping station. One long piece of clear celophane, about 2 feet long, neatly placed on your counter top near your piping station. You’ll be placing all three colors of frosting on here before placing the entire thing into your piping bag.
Step 1. Make a double batch of our favorite butter cream frosting (just omit the coca).
Step 2. In 3 different bowls, divide up the plain frosting equally
Step 3. Choose 3 colors for your unicorn frosting. We chose teal, pink and purple according to the birthday girl!
Step 4. In your stand mixer, add one of the bowls of plain frosting and your first food color of choice. Mix until well blended.
Step 5. When the food coloring is totally incorporated, scoop the frosting out of the bowl and onto the celphane length wise, so it’s about 15 inches long and 1-2 inches wide.
Step 6. Repeat step 4 and 5 for the other two colors of frosting. Place each color next to the other on the celophane. They should touch, but not mix.
Step 7. Once you have all the colors mixed and placed on the celophane, roll into a log by lifting the celophane up and over the frosting so it looks like a tootsie roll log. You’ll loosely twist the ends and place the sleeve of frosting into the piping bag.
Step 8. If you have a lot of celophane near the tip, you’ll want to trim with a scisors before placing into your piping bag. I’d say no more than 2 inches on the end with the piping tip.
Step 9. Pipe your cupckes.
Step 10. Enjoy!