Carter turns 5 on Monday, and today we are having some family over to celebrate. Carter found these cute decorations on amazon prime and helped put everything together.

The decorations from amazon were $14.00 and very easy to assemble. Chloe did the pom poms and Carter did the rest. We’ll share some photos today of the party.
For the cake, I took a shortcut this year. we ordered from HyVee bakery. They have an amazing assortment of cakes and they taste AMAZING! For miss. Chloe, I’m going to stop at Whole Foods and get a package of Nutphrees cupcakes and her and I will definitely have our own little cakes.
Not going to sugar coat this.
This is the first time I’ve ordered a cake in about 6 years. It was hard. It was even harder on Chloe. She was so supportive of Carter. They were both paging through the cake book at the grocery store when the tears started to fall. I hugged her so tight and told her it was OK.
It was OK to cry.
It was OK to feel sad that she would not be able to eat this cake from the bakery.
It was OK to feel frustrated and to feel left out.
Together we’ll make it OK and her nutphrees cupcakes (WHOLE FOODS MADISON) will taste just the same. It will even be decorated the same! I was so proud of her. This wont be the last time she will feel like this, and it certainly isn’t the first. She continued to help Carter choose his cake. She continued to support his choices and be excited for his birthday. Because, after all, it’s just cake. And jumping around at PUMP IT UP will be so much more fun.
Enjoy your weekend.