YES! Delivery from a dedicated nut-free bakery DOES exist!! It is in Chicago of course but we LOVE this option as we visit the city enough to make this useful. Next weekend we’ll be in Chicago celebrating my daughter’s 7th Birthday at American Girl Cafe! She chose Chicago family weekend over a party with friends, and I’m totally loving this idea!
Doordash and Uber eats are behind this delivery service for Nutphree’s Bakery in the Chicagoland area. Nutphrees has the most incredible custom cakes I have ever seen. Nutphrees is a family run bake shop that started small due to their own kid’s food allergies. Nutphrees now distributes all over Chicago.
For my daughter’s birthday, American Girl DOES offer nut-free dessert options, so we’ll probably just take advantage of those. Doordash does not go to the American Girl cafe, but they go to plenty of other restaurants in the Goldcoast area.

  • Grand Luxe Cafe
  • RPM Italian / Steakhouse
  • Cheesecake Factory
  • Many many others, just check the website, must be within 45 minutes of their location

We’re excited to see Nutphrees grow so much, we’ve been following them on social media for over a year, and their baked items are now in grocery stores + they ship across the US. To have this special delivery service makes nut-free items that much more accessible, and special!
Next weekend, we’ll be using the Hiawatha Amtrak service from Milwaukee to Chicago. You can’t beat the stress-free ride on the train, big comfortable seats, free wifi and Dunkin Donuts coffee. On the weekend, kids under 12 ride 50% off. Usually when we go, there is some deal going on like buy one get one free or kids ride free. Its so nice to sit as a family and enjoy getting to our destination rather than sitting in traffic, paying tolls and too much for parking in the city.
Stay warm and be well! It’s so cold here now, -1, I’m wearing a scarf and three shirts INSIDE our home while I help these poor sick kiddos.
Next week we’ll have some special pictures on Insta showing the Birthday cupcakes, AG theme of course!
My next post will be about the most allergy + family friendly Chicago hotels. You’ll be surprised who comes in #1 offering sunbutter sammies to allergic kiddos as a bed time snack!