Mickey’s “Not-So-Spooky-Halloween-Party” Review

Hello friends! Last week we attended the Not-So-Spooky-Halloween-Party at Magic Kingdom in Orlando, FL. Why did we attend this party? We heard that it was being sponsored by Enjoy Life, a brand that is allergy friendly, and one that we trust daily for nut free snacks. Having an allergy friendly Trick-or-Treat option was a real draw for us since Trick-or-Treat is notoriously challenging. Most of the treats Chloe recieves trick-or-treating are not safe, and we end up donating her entire bucket of candy. As a parent, this is such a hard thing to watch, an excited trick-or-treat face, to a sad smile of having to let it all go. Not-So-Spooky…

Magic Kingdom Food Recommendations

Happy Friday! If you’re following along on our Instagram Stories, you’ll see that we’ve been quite busy this week talking about our nut free traveling, strategies and things that haven’t worked out so well for us. Starting with Magic Kingdom first…… Yesterday was truly magical. Our day started off with an easy breakfast in our room from our very own Nut Free Mom Box. This was the easiest and safest option for us. We got some packaged yogurt from the quick service restaurant here at the Hilton Bonnet Creek and added our safe Made Good granola with some banana. It was filling, healthy and safe and Chloe loved it. We…

Nut Allergies at Disney World

We are going to the most magical place on Earth, DISNEY WORLD! We won’t be staying on Disney grounds this time. We opted to save a bit, and relax outside the hustle and bustle of all that magic. This resort, however, seems just as amazing as some of the resorts we have been so lucky to stay at in the past. It is home to 10 restaurants, an award winning golf course and spa, and has a spectacular view of the nighty fireworks at Disney from the pool. Oh, the pool has a lazy river and water slides for the kids. The reviews are amazing and we even had a…