Unicorn Frosting

If you saw our IG live yesterday, you may be wondering about that colorful unicorn hair we topped our cupcakes with. We watched a few tutorials on piping multi-colored swirls, and this is how we did it. Prep:┬áSet aside a large 18″ piping bag and 1M Wilton star tip from your piping kit. You’ll also need to have your cupcakes wrapped and ready near your piping station. One long piece of clear celophane, about 2 feet long, neatly placed on your counter top near your piping station. You’ll be placing all three colors of frosting on here before placing the entire thing into your piping bag. Step 1. Make a…

Nutphrees Cupcakes

We had an awesome 4th of July – and I really hope you did, too. We had a big discovery while on vacation; NUTPHREES CUPCAKES are now being distributed to the lovely state of Wisconsin. This is a huge. A real game changer. Safe nut-free baked items will now be available for pick up at your local grocery store for birthdays + parties. I’m so thankful for this brand, Nutphrees, from the Chicagoland area. I’ve talked about them before on nutfreemomblog and this is my other favorite feature of this evolving company, delivery. In Madison, WI, they are at Whole Foods. In the Milwaukee area, they are at a few…