Dunkin Donuts, Not So Safe!

Stop! Before you eat that donut at Dunkin with PN/TN allergies!!!!

It turns out, EVERY Dunkin LOCATION IS DIFFERENT. when it comes to dining out, no matter where you go always check on the policies in place, just like you would a label on packaging.

I posted a few months ago about Dunkin Donuts and how SAFE I thought they were. A friend of mine visited a Dunkin in our area (not my usual Dunkin) and said that they did not have a handle on allergies, nor would confirm that the items she was purchasing were free from trace amounts of peanut or tree nuts.

Today I called the Dunkin Donuts that my friend visited and they stated that they cannot guarantee 100% free from peanuts or tree nuts due to the facility that they are manufactured in.

This statement is 100% contradictory to the statement I received from Dunkin Donuts a few weeks ago at another location.

Basically, the risk is up to you. I don’t know if I will ever take my daughter back. I have an insane amount of guilt now 🙁

To make your own donuts, check this out.


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