Dunkin Donuts, Not So Safe!

Stop! Before you eat that donut at Dunkin with PN/TN allergies!!!! It turns out, EVERY Dunkin LOCATION IS DIFFERENT. when it comes to dining out, no matter where you go always check on the policies in place, just like you would a label on packaging. I posted a few months ago about Dunkin Donuts and how SAFE I thought they were. A friend of mine visited a Dunkin in our area (not my usual Dunkin) and said that they did not have a handle on allergies, nor would confirm that the items she was purchasing were free from trace amounts of peanut or tree nuts. Today I called the Dunkin…

Dunkin' Donuts and Nut Allergies

Please click the link below & read my updated blog post about Dunkin Donuts allergy policy. Updated on 1/23/2018 All Dunkin Donuts locations are different when it comes to allergies, please check yours before ordering. Dunkin’ Donuts is a relatively new treat for our family. We started treating Carter to Dunkin’ after his hemoglobin levels improved in September following his HUS infection, and it just became our thing. After the doctor, we’d head over to Dunkin’ to celebrate good health. Kind of ironic since Donuts are in no way healthy for you. Fast forward, I was talking to my best nut free mom friend, and she threw out the idea…