Quick little post here – last night I grabbed a holiday tall,non-fat peppermint mocha, full whip – when out of the corner of my eye I spied a little Starbucks Gingerbread House + Cookies! Both appear to be 100% nut-free. I called Starbucks corporate office today and they also confirmed the label, stating no nuts or cross contamination. The peeps at Starbucks didn’t seem completely knowledgeable about food allergies, so that was a little concerning to me. However, when I talked with my #1 Mom/Food Allergy friend, she agreed that it was probably safe since Starbucks is actually really, really good about labeling cookies, mints, etc. Have you looked at their ingredient listing lately? We can’t eat AnYTHING from Starbucks. So, if you try it, let me know. I may or may not do it. We shall see! We already have a gingerbread house this year….