Christmas Eve Eve is celebrated on December 23 and we traditionally have a Mexican Fiesta. This started a few years back when my Dad brought handmade Tamales for dinner. It’s a great meal, and nice to have something different during a time where many meals are heavy and extremely unhealthy. Tamales are not healthy, but all the sides we make with it are. Plus, it’s SUPER easy, nut-free and everyone loves Mexican food!!!
Here’s our menu. It’s also a good day to kick back a little and enjoy the holidays without the pressure of cooking / being in the kitchen since Mexican food can kind of just chill out for a while. Eat + snack, open gifts. Repeat. That’s what we do. Flannel is recommended attire.

  1. Two (2) packs of hand made Tamales from El Ray Mexican Grocery Store, Milwaukee, WI.
  2. Spanish rice
  3. Black beans
  4. Salsa + Tostitos Chips
  5. Homemade Guacamole
  6. Corn bread (Betty Crocker is the only NUTFREE pre-mix brand available, not all stores have it. Target usually carries it.)

I’ll post a pic here when Dad and Mary come by this Saturday 🙂