We arrived in Denver last night after a few hours of travel and I have to say, things have changed so much since my husband and I last traveled alone together, sans kiddos! This made me happy and sad. Sad because I can’t believe it has been so long since we last had some travel / adventure time together, but happy because technology has flooded our world making it more efficient and fun to get around. iPad bars, recharging stations, smarter aircraft, wifi everywhere. I love it.
We have had a chance to check out our hotel, which has just undergone a HUGE renovation and it’s really beautiful. The conference is located in the hotel we are staying in, making it super easy. We found the breakout rooms and the hubs and I have selected which sessions we will tag-team. We need to find out if he can earn CMEs since the lectures are given by an MD. Fingers crossed, two birds with one stone, and this trip becomes a tax write-off and not just one of my fun + pricey adventures. 
I’ll post some pics later of our registration and cocktail welcome party. The good stuff starts tomorrow. 
Grateful to be surrounded by such supportive and understanding people. The hotel staff has gone ABOVE and BEYOND to make sure all of our food concerns are addressed, even though we are here for our daughter. I would HIGHLY recommend this hotel for anyone traveling with any type of food allergy. This staff gets it. 
Cheers to FRIYAY. We have the opportunity to hang out with some great friends here in Denver until our conference begins later on.