Back to school week hustle is real. I spent 7:30am – 1:30pm in my car driving two kids around to their school functions and activities. By 2pm, I’m the one that felt like nap time. Errr. Wrong. Afternoon activities and clean up from the morning to do! Not to mention my expanding email inbox and the 2,000 photos my phone is yelling at me about. Still, I’m trying to be in the moment. It’s so hard when there are a million things pulling us in different directions. 
Be. In. The. Moment.
Tonight we have a parent welcome night at school, no kids. So we have a babysitter. Our garden exploded this week, so I made this “Snack Dinner” for the kids, easy and healthy.
(Also, my 20 year old oven numbers have rubbed off the oven and a babysitter doesn’t know where my 425° is to make an easy pizza…..always something!!!!!! And my dishwasher is broken. Do you know how awesome it’s been hand washing?????)
Essentially, a veggie tray, pita, and hummus. My secret for warming up the pita fast is slicing it in half, and putting it in the toaster. 
We prepped this meal in 10 minutes and I had the kids help do the watermelon balls. For desert. Of course.
#tgit I can’t wait to unwind with my bestie this weekend in the 414.