Yesterday we tackled the fair. It was a last minute choice after dance camp.
If you’re planning on going to the fair, pack the following in your backpack for allergy kids:

  1. Extra clothes 
  2. Container of wipes, sanitizing hand wipes
  3. Bottled water
  4. Complete backup allergy meal / protein bars – I like Luna bars, the s’mores and lemon flavor are the two safe ones.
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Epi pens
  7. Chewable benadryl

We started off by getting a few ears of corn near the entry way. The very nice woman confirmed they used soybean oil plus plain butter on their corn. The various salt options were on a table for me to check th labels. We found plain salt and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed her safe corn. Although it was tricky, no front teeth!
My hubs had a brat and we decided to attempt the cream puff line. It moved surprisingly fast!

The woman in line confirmed they were made in 100% nut free facility. However, the building they are sold in also sells roasted nuts about 100 feet away. My advice is to eat outside on a clean table (here’s where your wipes come in).
We did that, also washed hands right before eating.
Next, GIANT YELLOW SLIDE. For $2.50 per person, it was well worth the laughs. We had a resounding ” Do it again!” From the kids.
We saw some cows, the Wisconsin Made Barn, then headed to Spin City for games and rides. $50 doesn’t get you far. Each ride is about 4 tickets per person and each game is about 6 tickets per person. When the tickets run out, it’s time to go home. The kids had a ball. We had no cross contact issues, and everyone kept their hands clean. 
On our way out, we had pork chops on a stick, poutine and fresh lemonade. 
None of the stands were safe for us, just the actual bars and restaurants. Even our go-to pizza truck idea was NOT safe. They couldn’t guarantee the processing facility for the crust.
Anyway, overall we had a ball. Tons of laughs, lots to see and the prizes for the games were worth the smiles on the kids faces.
If you make it to the fair, enjoy! We did.