One of my favorite things to do is go to the movies. It’s special to see a new movie on a huge screen, eat some popcorn and be “out” with friends and family. 
One of the challenges we face is cross contact of food at the movie theater. This is the entire reason we can’t see a Milwaukee Brewer Game. Peanuts everywhere. Although a brewer game is significantly more risky for us to attend than a movie since AMC doesn’t serve giant bags of nuts.
After a few conversations at the AMC Fitchburg and the AMC Dine-In, I have learned a lot.
AMC Fichburg ( recently under new ownership, NewVision Theater)

  • Does not fry popcorn in peanut oil, just canola or vegetable oil.
  • Almost all of their candy is nut-free. The exceptions are Boxed Chocolate Almonds and the possibility of cross contact with the Raisinettes for chocolate covered raisins (not safe, btw).
  • They clean the theater after the show. I also do my own cleaning before we sit down. I also have my little lady wear leggings and a tunic so that she doesn’t have a chance to get peanut/nut dust on her. We also wash hands a LOT.
  • They have allergy menus to look at.

AMC – Dine in or the old Sundance at Hilldale

  • Offers an entire menu of food.
  • Has a complete top 8 allergy menu readily available.
  • Staff was very knowledgeable about food allergies.
  • Regular menu available for pickup if you stop in while shopping at Hilldale.
  • For a nut allergic person, allenu items are safe, except the shakes and Asian shrimp dish.

What do we usually get at the movies?
The first few movies we went to, I took a backpack to with two epi pens, chewable Benadryl and my own snacks. We had BoomChickaPop, Sprite in mini cans, and fruit snacks. 
Now, I’m getting brave. Last time we went to the movies, we saw Despicable Me 3 and we ordered a jumbo popcorn, soft drinks, Junior mints, sour patch kids and pretzels for my hubs. Probably over did-it on the snacks, but it was my husbands birthday, after all. Movie snacks are expensive! 
Anyway, if you have food allergies, be cautious, not scared. Plan ahead and tell your kids what the game plan is once you enter the theater. First we get tickets,then we can pick  a snack, then we wash our hands and  keep our hand to ourselves, and once we find out seat, I will wipe it down, then we can  enjoy the show. 
My kids do great when they know the plan.
If something doesn’t feel right or it gets to be too much (watching for signs of anaphylaxis in a dark movie theater is challenging!!), you can always leave and try something else, like the drive-in movie theater in the Wisconsin Dells!