I cheated tonight. On my cupcakes. Usually for Easter I make homemade carrot cake batter with shredded carrot – and tonight, I’m just tired. I picked up a few Betty Crocker Carrot Cake mixes for “stand by” in case I did not have time to do the whole big thing. Turns out my plan B saved me today! Honestly though, I’ve had a lot of carrot cake, and this mix is a very good stand by. Tastes homemade! So there’s the scoop on the mix – a picture of the box is in my previous Easter blog post if you’re interested.
The packaging is kind of deceiving since I’m a nut-free blogger and the box has a picture of carrot cake with pecans in the background of the cake. I’ve checked a million times, and there are no nuts inside this box mix. I even had Chloe do a skin test, then a sample by mouth with stand-by benadryl and epi-pen, and she was totally fine. There are no nuts in this mix. The pecans on the box, I’m guessing, are just because carrot cake usually does have some type of nut in it. Just not this one. I actually prefer it this way, no nuts. I don’t like being interrupted by crunchy nuts while I’m eating a delicious cake by a nut. the texture is wrong to me. But some people love them. Thus is true about life. Not being interrupted by nuts. But nuts do keep things interesting.
The frosting is super simple.
Cream Cheese Frosting

  • 1/2 cup of butter at room temp.
  • 8oz room temp cream cheese
  • 4.5 cups confectioners sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla

Beat on medium high speed in electric mixer the butter and cream cheese. Slowly add the remaining ingredients. This recipe usually only calls for 4 cups confectioners sugar, but I wanted to pipe and the frosting needed to be thicker.
Some more amazon treats came today! Nut-free suckers and my pinata! Shaping up to be a super fun week with the kiddos.