One of the ways our family prepares for Christmas is with an advent calendar. Since advent calendars are usually made with chocolate and chocolates are usually made in facilities with other chocolates that contain nuts, we have never had a store-bought advent calendar. We have a homemade calendar like this from Pottery Barn.

Today, the kids filled the calendar with Andes candes, Peppermint Andes Candes, and holiday wrapped York peppermint patties.
Then, I got a text message from an extremely thoughtful friend who also has a son with nut allergies. She knew we were not feeling well today (OK, I am sick. A mom + 2 kiddos. Sick. Hardest day ever.) And her little mailbox drop off was the perfect pick- me -up for all of us.

Look! Nut-free advent calendars! I am so grateful for my friend, her thoughtfulness and generosity. She said she found these calendars at Farm and Fleet if you are interested in a nut-free calendar!
Vermont Nut-free Chocolate company also sells advent calendars, for $18 + shipping.
Our calendars start in just 2 days – so exciting! It’s the most magical time of year. The kids are so fun to watch right now – everything excites them (and me, too)!🎄
Cheers to a healthier week!😷