Birthday Parties. According to our 5 and 3 year old, these kid-centric events seem to be the best part about going to school and meeting new friends! Both of their classrooms have lots of birthdays + parties and we always look forward to spending time with their friends and families.
First, I never, ever want a family to feel like they need to change a birthday menu or cake due to our food allergies. The birthday girl/boy gets to celebrate how THEY want, and that’s how it should be and we 100% will always default to this. We will bring our own birthday treat. This is why I keep cupcakes frozen and frosting ready. So when it does happen, that we know a family so well, and they easily integrate safe foods into their birthday menu, we are SO appreciative.
Chloe’s friend turned 6 yesterday and we have celebrated almost all of her birthdays together. Exciting!! We know this family well and it was an amazing party. The Mom should really consider her own business becuase her creativity and organization is amazing and beautiful.
Rewind a few weeks ago, the birthday girl’s mom messaged me to work out some menu items to be safe. Here’s what we did to make it easy for all:
1. Text / phone 1-3 weeks in advance to discuss food.
2. Offer to help buy nut-free items and close the loop on who is bringing what.
3. Determine what Amazon Prime can do (basically everything) and make sure it arrives a few days before party.
The birthday theme was “Ice Cream Party” and it was wonderful. As with any dessert item, even ice cream, the trickiest part is finding safe toppings. Here’s what she had:
1. Gummy worms
2. Maraschino cherries
3. Mini oreos
4. Nerds
5. Mini-chocolate chip cookies (allergy free)
6. Chocolate syrup (Hershey’s)
7. Vanilla Blue Bunny Ice Cream
We are so grateful for this family and their inclusiveness. Chloe never expected to be able to eat at her friends party, but when I said, “Yes, go get in line with your friends, everything here is safe,” she was so excited!
Our standby treats for most birthday parties are:
1. Our own homemade frozen cupcakes and frosting.
2. Hostess cupcake if I’m in a hurry.
3. Mini snack bag with safe chocolate chips, marshmallows and Graham crackers.
4. York peppermint patty.
5. Tootsie rolls
What a fun party. I’m not sure how we got to “6” already, but time sure does fly when you’re having fun. Cheers to many more laughs and fun times with the three musketeers!.💖