It’s that time of year – baking season. Starting with Halloween yummies, then Thanks Giving pies and Christmas cookies (hopefully not followed up by the “well, why not, I’ve eaten so much crap already, Happy New Year cake”). There is no doubt that I’ll be on the phone and emailing manufacturers like crazy over the next 3 months. Today alone, I’ve sent out three emails to manufacturers to make sure manufacturing facilities haven’t changed from last year. Here is a little cheat sheet (AVOID THESE) below. We never use the Wilton Brand because MOST of their items, including food colorings (yes, I made an entire cake with their food coloring only to find out it wasn’t safe, and had to throw the entire 3-day Elsa Ice Palace compelte with rock candy, into the garbage), are made on a shared line with nuts.
The following is a list of Cake Mate items to avoid. The items listed below either contain nuts or were processed on lines that many contain nuts. Don’t use them:
Marble Mixins
Parlor Perfect
Cake Make Fruit Flavored Decor
Cake Mate 26 oz Rainbow Sprinkles (UPC code–5210032626)
Cake Mate 26 oz Chocolate Sprinkles (UPC code–5210030247)
Also, the Cake Mate rep reminded us to always read the labels for any ingredients updates or line changes.
You can also call the company Helpline for more info: 877-726-8793. The line is open M-F, 8-5, CST.
I’ve contacted cake mate today since we have a party coming up and I need to make sure we’ve got some safe decorations to use!  If I can’t get an answer, I’ll be using some of my old backups that are safe:

  1. Bag of smashed oreo cookies
  2. maraschino cherries
  3. enjoy life brand mini chocolate chips
  4. fairy dust – nestle quick bunny cocoa powder
  5. kraft mini marshmallows
  6. banana
  7. chocolate skippers from Vermont nut free chocoaltes