We are all beaming today after sleeping so well. The kids have their own room, and own beds, and Doug and I have a nice large room connected to a family room and kitchenette. Sleep is so important. Especially when kids are still napping!

We had a free breakfast downstairs this morning that was completely nut-free. Who knew eating nut-free at Hilton was so easy? Chloe and Carter were pumped about selecting their own food and drinks. The dining room was beautiful with a waterfall and indoor/outdoor seating. Hard to believe it’s free. Super family friendly, too.
We all took a shower (the kids were afraid of the old fashioned bathtub at Bungalow 9, so they haven’t bathed in 5 days). Oops.
We walked (3minutes away!!!!) To Centennial Park to visit Parthenon. Centennial Park’s Parthenon is kind of like what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. They were both built for a large Fair held in the city to attract tourists. Parthenon is a FULL SCALE replica from the building in Greece. It’s amazing. It contains a full scale replica of Athena and the largest set of all-bronze doors in the world.

There was a small museum inside that had local flair swag from 1800. Advertising, posters, festival prizes, etc were all on display. Somehow it reminded me of The Night Circus book I read last summer.
Chloe and her new friend, Skyla

Centennial Park is huge. We also saw an old Choo Choo and airplane. We walked over to the play set becuase that is, of course, the only thing the kids were really interested in.
I love UBER! We Ubered to Maggianos ¬†(on our safe list since they are SO great about allergy information) for a really nice lunch and Ubered back to our hotel. Naps are in progress and we plan on taking the trolley tonight downtown for some BBQ and live music. It’s 86* sunny and beautiful out. Walking has been great. So glad we found this hotel. It is MUCH closer to the things we wanted to walk to anyway. Plus, someone else is cleaning up while we are out; beds, fresh towels, empty trash, clean dishes!
Sometimes things just work out the way they are supposed to.
And when you’re traveling with kids, always remember this: