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Sneak PEEPster into Easter

I prefer to keep it simple. A few years ago I ordered these custom baskets from Lillian Vernon becuase of the low cost and good quality. This year, I will be filling them with a combination of nut-free candies and a few small items. Here are a few ideas to jump-start your Easter baskets:

  • Vermont nut-free bunnies
  • Peeps Original (not all are safe!)
  • York peppermint paties
  • Whoppers Robin’s Eggs
  • Bunny socks (target $1 bin)
  • Bubbles
  • Travel crayons+note lads (getting ready for TN road trip)
  • Swim suit + swim trunks
  • Black Widow action figure
  • Hulk action figure

To keep things quazi environmentally friendly, I made my own Easter grass by shredding old pieces of colored paper in our paper shredder. Turned out great and it’s 100% recyclable when we are done. Plus, if Carter decides to eat it, I won’t freak out!

Whatever you are celebrating this Spring, Easter, Passover or just good old kindness, I hope this time of year is full of family, friends and fun.




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