Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentine’s is one of my favorite days with the kids. It’s a fun, low-key holiday (is it an actual holiday? I don’t think so.) that we can work together on some fun projects for school without the pressure of a big holiday, like Christmas. This year, the kids picked out their valentine cards early, and we got to enjoy putting them together + adding our friends names to them. Usually, it’s last minute and we are rushed, so this was a nice change. Watching their faces light up as they perfectly selected which card was going to be for what friend was really fun. We also made a new recipe…

Whole Wheat Banana Oat Muffins

We are having a beautiful fall; however, it is almost winter in Wisconsin. The days are darker, colder and comfort food is on our minds. This week we decided to make some healthy-ish breakfast muffins (always comforting) since we have a lot of activities. If the kids want to sleep in a little, these muffins allow them to eat in the car on the way to school + activities. And since I made them, I feel OK with that! Prep time is about 10 minutes, then they bake for 18. If you want to get it all done in 1 batch, have two cupcake pans sprayed or lined and your…