Nut-free Vacation Planning

Pre-kids, my husband and I had grand expectations of worldly travels with kids in tow eating baby crêpes in Paris and schnitzel in Stuttgart, and Bangers and Mash with a few pints in the UK. Then, reality set in. Colicy baby, an entire vacation cancelled last minute due to whooping cough. Eventually a nut allergy diagnosis. Bad colds, never ending sick kids. Ear infections on top of ear infections and exhausted parents. We quickly learned that our dreams of extravagant travel were pretty far off in the distance. If we wanted to actually enjoy it, anyway. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade, or something. We have adapted over the…

Saltine Cracker Brickle

My Dad and his wife had us over for dinner yesterday + my brother and his girlfriend were there, too. It was a fun time and my Dad always has a ton of delicious food for snacking. This year he didn’t disappoint. His BBQ ribs were amazing. Doug and I both brought a dish. He made olive stuffed cheese balls and I made Saltine Cracker Brickle. This recipe is so easy, you can literally make it in 5 minutes (even just after stepping out of the shower with your towel still on, thinking Ohmigod, I forgot to make dessert!) It’s so easy. Ingredients 2 sticks unsalted butter 1 cup brown…