Vacation Preparation Tips

Did you know that using hand sanitizer does NOT remove allergens from your hands or any other surface? It basically moves the allergen around. The only way to remove an allergen is by washing it away with soap and water or by using a sanitizing wipe. I’ve started to think about what we’re going to be doing on our vacation and the types of bags I’ll be carrying around with my kids. For day-time I’m going to be doing a lot of walking with them, so I usually pick a light-weight cross body bag so that my hands are free to hold theirs (awwwwwwwe). If we’re going to be out…

Disney Reflection

It’s easy to just assume this was the worst vacation ever and that we will never spend this much money at Disney again. Yes, the latter is true. But, there were some huge moments during this vacation that I will never forget. We were all a team and never wavered, never fought, never cried. We were adults about every shitty situation that came our way and we dealt with it. How you deal with things sets the standard for children and how they will someday deal with life events on their own. It’s life. Stuff happens. My kids showed exceptional kindness and caring toward each other while they were BOTH…