Chloe's Chocolate Costco Find

Up until this week, we were Costco virgins. We’ve been to Costco with friends, but never actually had a membership. At 5’2, this store consumed me! It’s definitely overwhelming for someone who is not familiar with the layout – bathrooms are important when shopping with kids! We found those first. On the opposite side of the store. Of course. But, overall, it was OK – we found some good stuff and a few new nut-free finds. My biggest complaint is that everything is SO BIG! Sometimes I just want to try a sample size before spending the $$ on it. That was the other thing, prices are not always listed…

It's Our Snack Week!

Just thought I’d share some of our snack week ideas: Monday: Mandarin Oranges + Teddy Graham’s Travel Size Bags, Original flavor Tuesday: Fruit Leather by Target (simply balanced) + Mini Cucumbers – photo below Wednesday: Holiday Party Food + Cheese-Its Thursday: Pirates Booty individual bags Friday: Skinny Pop individual bags