Chloe's Chocolate Costco Find

Up until this week, we were Costco virgins. We’ve been to Costco with friends, but never actually had a membership. At 5’2, this store consumed me! It’s definitely overwhelming for someone who is not familiar with the layout – bathrooms are important when shopping with kids! We found those first. On the opposite side of the store. Of course. But, overall, it was OK – we found some good stuff and a few new nut-free finds. My biggest complaint is that everything is SO BIG! Sometimes I just want to try a sample size before spending the $$ on it. That was the other thing, prices are not always listed…

School Safe Treat Box

It’s back-to-school time! If your child has food allergies, now is the time to be pro-active and get your plans and snacks in place. Here’s how we prepare: Contact the school nurse/office and keep an EPI-PEN on file at the front desk. Make sure all medical forms are filled out and complete with the front office. Know your school’s allergy policy. Make sure there is an allergy policy. Make contact with the child’s teacher (s) and make sure they all know about your child’s allergy, and what the steps are to keep him/her safe. Keep it simple here. Talk to your child about saying “no” to all classroom treats. This…