Chocolate Reindeer with Vermont Skippers

This herd of chocolate reindeer is perfect for your upcoming kid-friendly holiday parties and gatherings.¬† This recipe is always my favorite to make because it creates the most laughs. The chocolate dough does need to refrigerate, so keep that in mind before making this recipe with littles. Perhaps you want to make the dough the night before, so when your helpers are ready you can get right to business, their attention span is short, maximize it! Also, you decorate these cute little fellas BEFORE you bake them. Opposite to our classic sugar cookie. This year, we did not factor in the time it took to chill the dough, so my…

Raspberry Meringue Cookies with Enjoy Life Chocolate

These are probably my favorite holiday cookies to make. They look complicated, but they are super easy and very unique. Chloe and I love them because they combine two of our favorite things: the color pink, and chocolate. Enjoy life brand makes a nut-free / allergy free mini chocolate chip that completes this recipe beautifully. The taste is perfection, and I can’t describe it, you just have to make these. Light, pink and fluffy. Pink is the perfect color to add to your holiday cookie baking, or ladies night Holiday get-together. Raspberry Meringue Kisses Cookie Ingredients 3 egg whites 1/8 tsp salt 3.5 tbsp raspberry gelatin 3/4 cup sugar 1…

Sunbutter Temptation Cookies

This weekend was our annual cookie bake weekend in preparation for the upcoming holidays. This tradition started 7 years ago when I was 9 months pregnant and craving cookies. It worked out well, my mom needed a personalized gift for 15 co-workers and Cookie Bake weekend was born. Craving satisfied and gifts delivered, we have continued this tradition through babies, toddlers and now little people who actually help! It’s been fun talking about our cookie bake memories; the recipe mix-ups, spills, breastfeeding while baking, kid naps on the kitchen floor, burnt spatulas,  burnt cookies, unidentifiable cookies, the list goes on. Each day this week, I’ll share a recipe of the…