12 Minute Mashed Potatoes

I’m BAAAAACK and it feels so good to write and be part of the blogging community again. Last night, we were all craving a meat and potatoes, essentially a comfort food meal. So first I’m going to tell you about the food we made, and then I’ll address the elephant in the room….where we were last week! And why I haven’t blogged. First, chicken cordon bleu + mashed potatoes + steamed broccoli = winning! The chicken cordon bleus are frozen from Brenans (yes, I stocked up from Jacobson’s Meats before Brenans closes) and steamed some broccoli, super simple. Mashed Potatoes 3 russet potatoes, rinsed peeled and cubed into 1/4″ pieces…

Comfort Food for a Full Moon

When you work in healthcare, you know that a full moon is like Friday the 13th. The crazy come out of the woodwork. So what better to have for dinner, after a super long day, than a comforting meal of homemade meatloaf, sauteed parmesan zucchini and creamy mashed potatoes?! Nothing. There is nothing better. This is the kind of heavy meal that fills in all the cracks and does not need dessert to follow. Everyone cleared their plates, Carter had 3rds, and there are zero left overs. I have meat and potatoes kinds of kids. Meatloaf Ingredients:  1 pound grass fed organic beef 1 palm full of Penzeys powdered garlic…