Mom Things

The Mom Re-Set


So you’ve had a week, or a month or even a year (Do you like that reference right there?! Love Friends!) that has just been MEH. Right? I have.

So how do you re-set? Start over? Feel better as a Mom who’s always ON? Well, here’s my top 5 and if you follow me on IG, you saw my night out last night, which was AMAZING and so necessary!

5. Pick a solid 4-6 hour of time and block it. Find your babysitter or service, or grandma and grandpa or spouse and just block off your time.  Don’t do this too far in advance, you never know what could pop up! Last minute is best 😉

4.  Pick an activity that you find relaxing and schedule it 1-2 days before your planned time off.  Manicure, pedicure, massage, dinner with friends, ice cream out, concert, whatever floats your boat. Sometimes it’s as simple as hanging out at Barnes and Noble with a chai tea latte to relax and feel “off duty.”

3.  Wine down. Music up. Make sure your down time includes some wine to relax, or a cocktail of your choice with you favorite music. Take the edge off! If you don’t have time to do this when you go out, have a glass once you get home. Music is powerful and can help you relax!

2.  Find your tribe. Text your friends or your Mom or Dad to say you’re off duty and find out what time works for a quick visit. Seeing your friends and family is a great way to reconnect and feel human!

1  Make yourself up. Put on your makeup, blow out your hair and find a cute outfit. You’ll feel so much better about yourself when you make yourself up.

It’s so important to get out, Moms! It reminds us of who we are, where we are going and why we are working so hard! We are better Moms when we have time off and can reconnect with the world. This may come in small chunks of time so make sure you take advantage of it!

Happy Saturday!

Mom Things

The Mom Drawer

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the pilot of the plane, queen of the castle, commander in chief, the central gathering place every time we host a get-together. No matter how hard we try to entice guests into other rooms of our home, the kitchen is the hub. Everything happens here and naturally guests want to be part of what happening. Cooking, drink shaking, conversation, dessert unveiling, guests like action. So why not make part of the kitchen more functional for what we do every day?

I started thinking about this idea when we had company over the holidays and I automatically shoved all of my “mom things” (check book, bills, pens, epi-pens, stamps, junk in general) into a drawer in order to appear to have a clean counter top. Thou shall not hide gorgeous iceberg quartz, right? The problem was that I could never find anything. So I decided to clean out a junk drawer (we have a few) and call it my MOM DRAWER.



I found an old bamboo divider from Crate and Barrel and it works well.  Target has one similar that would do the trick. This is our Kitchen Controls Drawer / Mom Drawer. Now when guests come by, we still can quickly hide stuff, but now it’s organized and we will have easier access to the things we use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Do you see the to-do list in there? The check book to pay the babysitter? Stamps. Calculator. Scissors. Thank You notes because you can NEVER write enough of these! And my favorite new creation is gift card storage. I know, nerd alert. The things that bring me joy now are quite funny.

This Christmas we received a crazy number of gift cards. Honestly, I am TERRIBLE when it comes to actually using them. The worst, actually. Since I left corporate life a few years ago, I didn’t need these business card holders anymore, so our gift cards replaced old business cards. Ta-da! Easy to access and everyone can see them now they are not buried at the bottom of my purse!



So there ya go – Moms, take a drawer from the kitchen. You need it. SO much happens in this space, it is a game changer. Yes, most of this stuff belongs in our office downstairs, but life happens fast and having a mini-office in a drawer makes things so much easier until I have a chance to go downstairs and file.

One thing not pictured in the mom drawer is CHOCOLATE! I cannot survive a single day without some sort of chocolate. So add that.

Have a great week – it snowed here today and we had a ball sledding!

Thanks for stopping by 😉