With Amazon Prime Now, Metcalfes grocery delivery, Hy-Vee grocery delivery and Peapod so graciously bringing us our goods, we have to be mindful of tipping! Tipping is still expected, even as new services like these become mainstream and already include a service fee.
That Panera you just had delivered? Yep. Tip.
Groceries delivered with a fee? Yes, you still tip.
What if you order groceries online, but choose to do in-store pick up? Yes. Someone else did the work for you, still tip them $1 per bag.
This kind of tipping is different though. It reminds me of the European tip of, “a few dollars to show you’re grateful for a good service, not exact percentage.”
This kind tip isn’t a percentage of a bill like you would normally calculate when dining out. I like to think of the etiquette I’d use to tip at a hotel. So, about $1.00 per bag of groceries, and about $1.00 per entree delivered by carry-out. For example, I usually have 5 bags of groceries delivered one time per week, I’d use a $5 for the tip, even if I have 4 bags or 3 bags, $5 is easy, unless I have singles on hand.
A few times I’ve been in a jam since I am not usually a cash carrying kind of lady. In these instances, I’ve given Starbucks gift cards for $5 that I have in my wallet or a handmade card from my kids to say Thank you, we appreciate what you do. But usually, I try to have the tip cash on hand so I can easily say Thanks! And don’t sweat it if it’s not exact. It’s the thought that counts.