The teal pumpkin project has grown so much over the past few years and this year I was SO happy to see retailers participating, too! Walmart, Target, Michaels all have teal pumpkin and products to support Halloween for All! 

lLast year we painted a wooden pumpkin teal, and it rained a lot, which gave us a teal porch (Crayola washable paint wasn’t a good choice).
This year’s teal pumpkin is from Michael’s. My only beef with it is that it’s SO light, it blows off my porch daily and I’m always running after my teal pumpkin. We will leave it inside until Halloween.
The banner is from it shipped a month faster than it stated, and I was OK with that! It ships from China, so I totally understand the longer shipping time. It was only $3.99. 
We are ready for Trick-or-treating….are you? Make sure all your trick or treaters feel included this year. Remember 6% of all school aged kids have a known food allergy. That’s about 1 child in every classroom. It may not seem like much, but being included means the WORLD to them. Trick or treating is sad for those with Allergies because they go along collecting things they will never eat. With the exception of maybe two or three houses that participate in Teal Pumpkin. 
Thanks for your love and support and including teal pumpkin treats to make Halloween for All!
Hugs xoxo