When it comes to holidays and baked treats, there are no clear cut rules for name brands. Research is crucial during this time of year and it’s when my Kitchen Aid mixer gets a real workout. 
First up, Halloween! To avoid the use of Epi-Pen at school, I ALWAYS bring my own baked goods. And enough to share. I try very hard to make these items look like the other cool items available at classroom parties so nobody feels left out. 
This year, I found these adorable ghosts that are made in a facility that DO NOT contain our allergies, pn + tn. 

Wilton brand is notoriously NOT safe for us. They make LOTS of cake toppings and treats. They also make those cute little Gingerbread Houses at Christmas time, also not safe. However, every once and a while, I run across a safe item. These ghosts are safe. I thought I got lucky with the type of decorations I was buying, so I also grabbed the witch decoration next to the ghosts. After a few minutes I was ready to check out and decided to review my labels ONE more time. The witch topping ended up NOT being safe, even though it looked EXACTLY like the cute ghosts. See how you have to check EVERY label?! 
I can’t wait to make cupcakes with my daughter and top them with some buttercream frosting and these adorable ghosts for school!
Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by. We just finished planting our mum’s and picking Halloween costumes. What is your favorite fall activity?!