Mmmmmm. Smell that? Do you know what season it is?!
Football season.
I love how this sport brings people together. It’s the camaraderie and team spirit that really get me excited for football season. Yes, I love our Packers and Badgers (OK, all ‘sconnie teams, and there’s a special spot in my heart for the Denver Broncos, and Seattle Seahawks), but I really love a kitchen full of screaming fans decked out in their team apparel scarfing down chili and taco dip.
Yesterday, as Green Bay took on the Los Angeles Rams at Lambeau (coolest stadium ever, you should tour it!) we decided to research BW3’s hot wings for dinner. They actually have a very comprehensive allergy menu available, which I am SO grateful for. And after talking with my good friend, and nut-allergy resource partner, we decided to go for it. We love hot wings, and what goes better with football than hot wings?! And beer?!
Click the link, and see for yourself. BW3’s Allergy List
If you have another type of allergen, you may want to be careful. BW3’s makes a statement claiming that “all types of allergens can be present and cross contact can happen at any station during preparation.”
Since we only have nut-allergies, we are OK since the ONLY items on the menu with the chance of nut contact are the desserts, and the desserts are not made on-site, we are safe. Plus, desserts would not come in contact with the fryer where the chicken is with the sauce. See how we analyzed that to pieces to make sure it was safe?! Argh. Worth a beer in the end.
Speaking of beer, we have a plethora of lovely beers thanks to my hub’s college room mates + their giant party last weekend – they all brought delish beer to share and now we have to sample them. Darn.
I didn’t go for a beer.
I went for wine.
I know.
Kim Crawford was on sale at Metcalfes this week, $12/bottle. Pretty sure that’s the lowest I’ve seen it. And I didn’t get carded, so I’m feeling super old about it.
Try out BW3s – it’s worth it. Cheers to Friyay! If you’re in a pinch, check out the BW3’s website for easy online ordering!