I was so wrapped up in having fun, I didn’t blog the rest of our vacation. Here are the highlights:
Two days in Chicago.
Six days in Milwaukee.
Three days in Green Bay.
You heard about Chicago already. So Milwaukee. We love Milwaukee. It has so much to offer. It’s grown so much in the past 10 years. And every time we visit, we say we’re going to do XYZ, then never do it because we are busy doing something else. This was kind of a “stay-cation” for us. It was great.

  • State Fair
  • Paddle Boats on the Lagoon
  • Visited with all our family
  • Hosted Packer Party
  • Dined out at favorite places
  • Played choo choos
  • Watched construction of new railway
  • Beer Gardens
  • New parks
  • Gillies Frozen Custard
  • Brewer Game
  • Brewery
  • Splash pad
  • Ballet camp + performance
  • 1898 Milwaukee Central Library Visit
  • Summer reading program

Lastly, Green Bay is such a family friendly place to visit. The kids actually chose this destination and asked Uncle Oreo to come along, too. We stayed at Tundra Lodge Resort + Waterpark. This resort is in desperate need of some “love” and I will not stay the night here again. We will definitely visit the indoor waterpark and arcade again, however. The waterpark was very clean and worth the time we spent there.  The resort itself is just getting old and things need updating and staff needs to learn how to properly make a bed with sheets that do not have holes in them. Our room was not in good shape, and for the money we spent, it should have been nicer. We did visit the new Lodge Kohler hotel + spa, and we will stay there next time. It’s amazing. The staff is overly friendly and the amenities are five star.  Getting good sleep is important to me on vacation! If i’m paying to stay somewhere, it better be comfortable! Green Bay included:

  • Lambeau Field Tour
  • Lambeau Hall of Fame Museum Tour
  • Lunch at 1919
  • Visit the Packer Pro-shop
  • Waterpark x 2 days
  • Arcade + Games x 2 days
  • Distillery
  • Endless laughs

Knock on wood, nobody got sick, nobody cried, we all had fun, made some awesome memories, laughed a lot, didn’t set an alarm clock, had no real plans, had no reservations and just went with the flow. It was amazing. For a planner, it was very difficult for me to let go of planning, but also very freeing since there was never any pressure to be anywhere or do anything. If we were tired, we took it easy, if we were bored, we found an activity to do. We did a lot in a short amount of time and the kids were amazing troopers and problem solvers on the go.
Now for the next adventure…..