It’s our annual summer vacation and since we haven’t had the greatest luck traveling with the kids (influenza x2 at Disney, among others) we decided to follow the good old KISS principle. 
Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.
We are keeping simple this time. We aren’t far from home and if we need anything, we can buy it. Our trip consists of a few days in Chicago, a week in Milwaukee and a long weekend in Green Bay to visit those Packers!
This vacation has no plan. 
I’m a planner.
This is challenging me in new ways.
We literally are making plans on the fly.
In many ways this is amazing. We do whatever we want when we want. My hubs has a crazy work schedule and so unscheduled time is a great thing for him. On the other hand, we may not get dinner reservations or appointment times for services we want. 
Either way, what matters most is that we are together.
Today did not disappoint. We took the Amtrak from the MKE Intermodal station to Chicago’s Ogilvy Station and that was very exciting for both kids. The Uber rides were another adventure for them. Checking into our hotel was another big deal. They find joy in the smallest things, and I find joy in watching them. My kids are also very friendly with others, chatting with hotel guests and waving to boats and passengers. 
After check in, we went to American Girl at Water Tower Place where we shopped for Back to School and had our dolls nails painted, ears pierced and hair done. Lego store was a huge hit for my hubs and son. They had  a ball. 

Just a quick shoutout to Starbucks for having nut-free boxed drinks for my kids, American Girl Cafe for nut-free cookies to go, and MBURGER CHICAGO for allergy free chicken! 

The adventure continues……….