I live in wild college town, super hippy and very liberal, Madison, WI, and now I’m a tree hugger.
It’s true. City girl turned into granola-hipster + Birkenstock lover.
Most of the time, when I’m cooking especially, I pretend I’m in SoCal feeling the warm sun beaming down, smelling fresh, ocean breezes, and eating uber healthy like it’s affordable and around every corner.
Truth. Most of our produce here in the mid-west is very expensive and it’s hard to keep up with which grocery store’s produce is the best each week and cost friendly. In addition, our local restaurants are mostly pubs that serve big burgers (nothing wrong with a burger now and then!) cheese curds, and other very German-type, heavy ‘sconnie food!
It’s just not my thing.
Every time we dine out and eat a huge, greasy meal, I feel horrible. So naturally, when I came across this recipe, I was stoked.
Here’s what we did tonight. Super fast, healthy and everyone loved it. Plus you can make extra and use them for lunch boxes the next day. This is the most unfancy meal I’ve made for dinner in a long time, but it was very satisfying and took 5 minutes to roll up. I have to say, the Boars Head ┬áthinly sliced turkey MADE this meal. If we did not have this fantastic meat, it would NOT have been the same.
Going Green Wraps

  • vegetable green wraps
  • bibb lettuce or spinach
  • thinly sliced cheese
  • 1 tsp ranch dressing
  • 1 lb boars head peppered turkey breast
  • red grapes
  • baby cucumbers


  1. Layer the ranch dressing, cheese, bibb lettuce, and turkey on the green wrap.
  2. Roll up tightly
  3. Cut into individual rounds
  4. Serve with grapes and cucumbers
  5. Enjoy!