Yahoo! Today is supposed to be the day we fly home, instead we are going to pool-it and lay out and watch the kids splash around in the Mickey Mouse Splash Pad, use the water slides, rent a boat, play in the sand, drink fluffy pool drinks, you know?!
Wait….Chloe just woke up with fever? A fever. Chloe woke up with a fever. Ok, well now what? She’s crying and says she feels sick and doesn’t want to do anything.
Two days ago, we booked an extra night at Bay Lake Tower and rescheduled our flights for Friday morning. So, we have this extra day……do we spend all this money just to sit in our hotel room….again….for another day?!
We packed up our room and got ready to go down to the 9th floor where our other room was already ready for us.
Then we talk as a group – this is a tough decision. Clearly we weren’t going to be able to enjoy the hotel like we wanted. Lets just go home.
OK – so we reschedule our Southwest flights again, then try to un-check in at the resort and get a full refund, we need to get our feverish child home.
So we did all that , got our money back and have a flight leaving asap.
We wait out near the pool, have our Uber set with luggage waiting at the front door. Then…Chloe gets sick all over the place. Multiple times. over. and over. and over. again. I was beside myself. I was helping her but wanted to cry because selfishly I thought we could get ONE day on this trip, JUST ONE, to have fun and actually relax by the pool. The weather has been AMAZING and swim friendly. Our resort had the MOST AMAZING pool ever and the kids were SO excited to swim. Then this. I knew what was next because Carter just had this virus on the plane ride to Orlando.
We talk as a group again, for a long time, to find out what the best option is for us at this point. We can’t possibly put Chloe on an airplane throwing up with a high fever, she could barely walk.
Another call to Southwest Airlines (WHO HAVE BEEN AMAZING, and I WILL ALWAYS FLY THEM) and to Hilton Homewood Suites (VACATION NUMBER 2 HOMEWOOD SUITES HAS SALVAGED THIS YEAR) to book out a few night, letting her atleast stop getting sick and for fever to come down. So thats what we did. Chloe is resting comfortably, we have a full kitchen and all the same amenities as Bay Lake Tower, which we need for doing all this laundry.
Doug started laundry asap, my mom went to walgreens to get more flu supplies, and Carter and I got chloe drinks, and laid by her side watching Disney Jr.
It was a long night of helping Chloe while she was sick….