When your day starts off with a pina colada, it’s going to be good. It’s has to be. We decided to cancel our reservation today at 1900 Fair at the Grand Floridian due to little man’s virus. He’s improving, but still up a lot at night complaining of “runny nose mamma, runny nose” so he’s not getting the best sleep – and neither are we.
Since Carter looked OK this morning, we went for a walk down the New Balance Running trails over to the sandy (but very fenced in) beach area. The kids took their shoes off and played around in the soft white sand, which was warm.
We then hung out by the pool and had drinks (with coats and scarves on) – the entire place was a ghost town and the bar tender asked us how come we were outside. When I tell them we’re from Wisconsin, there are usually no more questions.
Lunch today was from Wave, a restaurant on the first floor. Seafood is their specialty, although they have a good kids menu as well. The Chef came to our table, she was amazing and talked to Chloe like an adult. Once she settled on her items, we ordered and ate. Which was mildly challenging considering the alcoholic beverage I just gulped.
We decided to give little man some rest, then go to Hollywood Studios.
We took a bus and got there around 3:00pm. Carter was very crabby, cried a lot, and gave me plenty of new gray hairs. After about an hour, I was ready to go home. My patience and disappointment on this trip are mounting. We have spent so much time planning this trip, gearing up for it, making exciting dining reservations, fast pass+ selections, etc., only to have ALL of it cancelled at the last minute. I know he’s sick – there’s nothing we can do about it, but he has NEVER ever been this sick before. The timing is just glorious. Frustrating. I really felt like crying today. Here I thought my biggest struggle and stressor was going to be food and allergy questions, and it’s keeping my other kids fever down instead, an issue I never even considered.
Vacationing as a family is always a gamble. There will always be something – keeping your cool is easier said than done. Although we have all maintained our cool this time . Today I spent a little extra time downstairs alone because of my mood. I have just felt bummed out for Carter especially. We don’t plan on coming to Disney again for a while. It’s really expensive and there is so much of the world we want to show the kids. I’m sad that he wont experience all the things we planned and hoped he would this time. I’m also bummed for Chloe since she was looking forward to doing more than what we have.
Then my Mom comes along, takes carter for ice cream and a walk while we are watching Disney Junior live , and all is good again. We did so much stuff tonight at Hollywood Studios, it was a ball. Kids really enjoyed themselves, and we did too. Wish we could have stayed longer, but 6 hours at the park was long enough for all of us, especially Carter who is still recovering.
Well, the nightly light parade is going on and I’m going to watch from our balcony. Tomorrow is going to be 71 and sunny. Fingers crossed that I can extend our vacation out by a day. I dont want to go home yet. I dont feel like we’ve actually had a chance to “chill” as a family since little man has been so, so, so sick.
Possibly a playground day tomorrow if the kids are tired from today.