Today is Epcot Day. And Ladies day. Poor Carter man still had a high fever and was pretty uncomfortable, so Doug stayed back with him at the resort. We started the day off with a buffet at Cape May Cafe. This is our third time having a character breakfast here and we love it. It’s low key, casual and you get to see Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy. Mickey comes for dinner. Chloe was so excited to see all of her favorite characters – and it was fun to have a girls morning. We had some Mickey Mouse waffles, fruit and yogurt. The chef also came out to talk with us regarding our nut allergies and informed us of all the items that were 100% nut free. He also said that if we were not 100% comfortable with the buffet, and wanted something personally made, he would do that too. Very accommodating. We were fine with the buffet. Lots of photos, smiles and coffee.
The cool part about Cape May is that it’s located at the Beach Club Resort and walkable to Epcots back door, near France. So that’s what we did.
Total Dejavu. It’s was pouring rain and 50 degrees out, just like the last time we went. It was OK though. We found plenty of shops to warm up in, and there were lots of toasty drinks to sample along the way. Chloe had a soaking wet foot, so we bought new socks with minnie mouse on them. Adorable. Us ladies took in some sights.

  • Space Ship Earth
  • Finding Nemo + the aquariums
  • Met Alice
  • Met Aurora
  • Had some snacks, shopping and champagne in France
  • Walked through Italy, Germany, Norway
  • Visited a mini train garden
  • Walked through Mexico
  • Potty break
  • Monorail x 2 to get home

We had a great morning. We arrived home around 3pm since Chloe was starting to wear out. Gigi stayed home with both kids while the Hubs and I went back to Epcot for date night at La Hacienda in Mexico.
I can’t say enough good stuff about La Hacienda. The food was authentic and delicious. The view was spectacular, it had 20ft+ ceilings with huge windows overlooking Epcot Lake and a few of the other countries surrounding. It was dusk and the sun setting was so beautiful. We had an assorted taco tray and a Beet Margarita.
We discovered a cute boat ride in Mexico called the three caballeros – Donald Duck and two others journey through Mexico + fiestas. They had a ton of Elena things that I’m wishing we could have taken Chloe to see, but she was at home. The ride was cute and relaxing after dinner. We walked around world showcase and ate and drank and ate and drank before taking monorail back to TTC then to Resorts. It was a fun date night!
Hoping Carter is better tomorrow so we can actually ALL do a theme park!