Moroccan Oil is very popular right now – it’s found in Morocco and is currently used to bring life back to dull hair. What is Moroccan oil made of? It’s argan oil.  Argan oil is derived from the nuts of Argania spinosa, a native desert tree in Morocco. In other words, the fruit of the Argania spinosa tree often called “argannuts” are tree nuts. The oil is cold pressed as opposed to heat processed or highly refined, making it more likely to contain allergenic protein.
Tree nuts.
Do you know what I sprayed all over my daughter’s beautiful, special, birthday hair-do yesterday?! Moroccan Oil Hair Spray.
Do you know what happened? She started to break out in a rash around her mouth and nose and chest.
I had no idea WHY she was turning red yesterday, until about 5 minutes ago when I was in the bathroom and started to look at my hairspray can, wondering what the heck is Moroccan Oil anyway?
I’m mad. I’m anxious. I’m upset. Why isn’t there an allergy statement on this can of hairspray?! It contains ONE OF THE TOP 8 ALLERGENS?! Don’t cosmetics follow the same rules as FDA? How are they regulated? If something “contains nuts” it needs to say so!
My daughter is sleeping just fine right now. No other allergy symptoms shown and she’s had the hair spray on for 24+ hours now. I’m sure it’s mostly worn off. It doesn’t stop me from wanting to WASH HER HAIR IMMEDIATELY! I’m thinking about it. Really. I’m not sure I can sleep after finding this out.
End of rant.
In conclusion, if you sell Moroccan Oil, if you use Moroccan Oil, if you know someone who is allergic to nuts, tell them about Moroccan Oil. Maybe I’m the one who missed the boat on this by not knowing what Moroccan Oil was. Did you know what Moroccan Oil was before reading this?
If anyone wants the rest of my Moroccan Oil hairspray (I LOVE THE SMELL! OMG) please let me know – it’s yours. Can’t keep it here anymore. Back to WELLA!