My Mom and I have a few things we “bake” each December. I say it in quotations because it’s not really baking. More like coating pre-made things in chocolate that we can then say we “made” or as Food Network’s Sandra Lee commonly says, “Semi-Homemade.”

Here’s one of our favorites, pretzels with a melted chocolate with a Vermont Nut-free skipper on top to smush all the chocolate into the pretzel. Once it cools, you have a very tasty little sweet and salty treat that’s easy to package up and gift, or travel with.

Chocolate is difficult this time of year since so much of it is just not made in a facility that’s safe. Here are the safe chocolates that we melt in the oven at 160* over Snyders Pretzels for 5 minutes before adding the skippers.

  1. Hersheys Hugs, Classic package, not holiday package
  2. Hersheys Kisses, Classic package, not holidays package
  3. Rolos, classic packaging