20161213_135032win_20161214_13_26_09_pro“I love candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup.”  Buddy the Elf

If you follow me on Insta, you saw that yesterday I was making chocolate covered pretzels when I suddenly ran out of chocolate skippers to top each pretzel with. Some quick thinking led me to an entire unopened box of candy canes in our pantry. I did not know why they were sealed shut, or if they were even safe? Who knows – when I clean up after the holidays, things get crazy and I just start chucking stuff. So I decided to find out who the heck Bobs Candy’s Canes really is.
After some research, Bobs is owned by Farleys & Sathers Candy Co., which in 2012 was purchased by an even bigger conglomerate, Ferrera Candy Co. Ferrera owns:

  1. Black Forest Organic
  2. Trolli
  3. Brachs
  4. Now and Later
  5. Bobs
  6. Red Hots
  7. Lemon Heads
  8. Sathers
  9. Jujyfruits
  10. Atomic Fire Ball
  11. Jaw Breakers
  12. Chuckles
  13. Rainbow
  14. Super Bubble Gum
  15. Fruit Stripe
  16. Boston Baked Beans

A friendly customer service rep named Jamie called me back today to let me know that the candy canes are nut free. If the UPC code ends with the letters “BR” they are also made in an allergy free facility. How cool is that?! She also stated that if an allergen is present in the facility, it will be indicated on the label, everything will be on the label under ingredients! I’m glad I called because now I know what to look for on their labels and what candy they make.
Happy Wednesday!