If you’ve tried gluten free/nut free items, you are aware that the flavor is not always terrific. I have to give a huge shout out to Gillian’s for making a stuffing that tastes EXACTLY like real stuffing, only nut-free and safe for my kiddo.
The directions are super easy, and my brother added garlic, onion, celery and vegetable broth. He prepared the rest as package states. I was BLOWN away by the flavor, especially after reading the reviews online.
This product is available at Amazon.com, Metro Market (recently bought by Kroeger) and Wal-Mart (although we haven’t shopped at a Walmart since Hawaii 2009 for some seriously good reasons).
Hope you are all enjoying Black Friday. The online deals have been amazing. I’ve enjoyed 50% off most items on my list here, a giant cup of chai tea. We are still snuggling in PJs with the kids and eating pie. Time to shower up and head to my dad’s house for some BBQ!😍
Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!