Good Morning!
Bakery items are almost always a no-go in our house. Unless we can get a 100% confirmation from the manufacturer on cross contamination, we do not buy it.
How do we find out about these details? Emails and phone calls, and keeping in touch with our nut community of friends which we share lots of information! We average about 3 calls/emails a month in our house, so not too bad. Holiday time , it will be about 3 calls per day!!!🎄⛄🎁
Here is a sample email that my husband wrote this morning while he was at the grocery store picking up supplies:

My daughter has allergy to nuts.  Are nuts used on your line that makes the sliced French rolls?

Thanks and kind regards,


Our production plant where the French rolls are made is a nut-free facility. There are no nuts allowed in the building at all at this time.

Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you.

Tim Lotesto
Alpha Baking Company, Inc.

The baking company returned our email within one hour, Doug was able to buy the rolls for our slow cooker dinner.
If you’re looking for a great tasting French roll, check out Alpha Baking Co!
Enjoy your weekend. Fall is right out our window. Loving the colors!🎃