As a parent, we have all had long nights of helping sick kids. Managing a toddler for 1 or 2 nights is much easier than managing a baby for weeks on end, not knowing exactly what’s bothering them.
Last night, just as I was falling asleep, I heard Carter crying,”runny nose, runny nose, runny nose.” I knew I’d be spending the night with him so my hub’s could get a solid night of sleep; he has people’s lives in his hands, he needs the sleep! If I’m up all night, I just plan a low key day the next day. And that is exactly what we are doing right now since Carter woke up every two hours crying. Poor guy.
In our house, when you’re sick, you get to eat whatever you want. Gatorade? Yes. Cookies? Yes. Anything that will keep you happy and give you calories, you get.
Anyway, we wanted to share another safe snack that we found at Walgreens of all places. I’m guessing they are also available at Target and HyVee since I have seen Disney treats at both stores.
Since Carter is sick, I’m letting him eat these. They are banana chips. And not the kind that you’ll break a tooth on. They are free of any additives and sugar. They are, most importantly for us, made in a NUT FREE FACILITY!.😍 Enjoy. We plan on stocking up for trick or treat and to use in lunches this month.