Hopefully you had a great weekend and have started your Monday off with a giant mug of coffee or other delicious drink of choice.
Today was our first FULL day of two kiddos in school. Still adjusting to just how quiet my van and home are during the day. A few tears were shed as we embrace this huge milestone in life. It’s exciting though, and both kids are loving their classes, teachers and new friends.
How did I cope? Retail therapy.
When I was taking my time grocery shopping today, I discovered that

  1. I was actually breathing, not holding my breath waiting for something to come crashing down by one of my curious kids (two weeks ago it was a dozen eggs at the checkout line).
  2. And there are a lot more nut free items out there!

I had time to read labels and find out about Luna Bars, made by Cliff Bar. TWO flavors are 100% nut free and will NEVER (not even tace amounts) ccontain NUTS.

  1. Lemon zest
  2. S’mores

It also looks like the veggie and fruit Luna bars for kids are 100% safe, too.